Fatalistic Zeitgeist

February 25, 2009 – In the eye of the storm, people wait for a sign.

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

Perhaps it’s just me, but I sense a fatalistic zeitgeist. I read more and more people saying, “I have nothing to say,” or something to that effect. It’s as if people are starting to recognize that whatever course we’re on is irreversible and so utterly palpable it requires no further comment, the way wide-eyed passengers might stare at one another in disbelief during those few breathless, wordless moments between their train speeding off the edge of a cliff and its arriving at its final resting spot below.

I sense an eerie calm, like that found in the eye of a hurricane. People, floundering against the economic tides, seem barely able to maintain their civil composure but are patiently waiting for a sign. Governments seem to be getting itchy, as if contemplating preemptive actions against their putative enemies or their own citizens, yet are also patiently waiting for a sign. Meanwhile, the pressure on both parties to act builds.

Optimism, despair, anger and fear all seem to have taken the backseat, while anxious anticipation sits in the front seat. Many people are desperate for some good news to indicate that things are going to turn around and improve. Others have resigned themselves to accepting that the news isn’t going to get any better, but likely to get worse. No longer believing they can make a difference in the outcome or open peoples’ minds, let alone “save” people, these enlightened ones are withdrawing and looking after their own lives, relinquishing their fate to forces beyond their control. Even those hopeful believers in change aren’t angry at the deception they are beginning to acknowledge, but merely disillusioned, like a child inexplicably beaten yet again by an abusive parent.

The human world today is so outrageous, so bizarre, so unjust, so uncivil that it’s as if we’re not even living in a real life garden of eden, but in some kind of satanic Willy Wonka chocolate factory, where everything is wicked and deadly. I don’t think human civilization has ever before lived under such bizarre circumstances, a world so twisted that governments are on the verge of declaring CO2, a life-giving gas essential to plants and an inescapable byproduct of our very existence, to be a “dangerous pollutant.” I suppose that will instantly transform all of us who breathe into “dangerous polluters,” criminals, terrorists. Yet this is just one of many examples of the self-destructive social climate in which we find ourselves today. The sum total of all the acts of institutionalized lunacy, criminality and deceit we have to cope with every day leaves us bewildered. Some people no longer have words to express what they see and feel, so in order to preserve their sanity, they shake their heads, tune out and say, “I have nothing to say.”

My own – possibly irrational – reaction to the world we live in is to un-tether myself from my mooring and allow my balloon to float across the land, driven solely by the winds of fate.

The End