AAACCEIMRSAU Declares Empire A Rogue State!

Somewhere outside the Empire - The evil African-Arabian-Australian-Canadian-Chinese- European-Indian-Mexican-Russian-South American Union (AAACCEIMRSAU), speaking yesterday before the outlaw organization, the United Nations, provocatively declared the Empire a “rogue state.”

Citing the Empire’s purported atrocities in Iraq for over 20 years, the Empire's human rights abuses at home, and the Empire's unwarranted attack on old Europe in retaliation for its oppressive, anti-business regulations, the Chinese ambassador to the AAACCEIMRSAU proposed the formation of a coalition to remove the Emperor from power and restore democracy to the Empire. In a show of support for the Emperor, only Mr. Blair of the former United Kingdom voted against the proposal. As a further sign of provocation, it is even rumored that malcontents in the AAACCEIMRSAU underground are selling decks of playing cards with the faces of the 52 “most wanted” leaders of the Empire!

Emperor Bush VI responded at a press conference, saying, “The Empire is a nation of laws. If the AAACCEIMRSAU chooses to read those laws, their answers will all be questionable.”

Imperial Ambassador Princess Rice, clearly indignant at the ungrateful attitude of the AAACCEIMRSAU followed, “I think the world misunderstands our intentions. We’re not trying to take over the world. We’re merely trying to make it a safe place for corporations - oops, I mean democracy.”

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