Deaths From Air And Water Pollution Reach Historical Low

New Houston, TX - In this city of five million, once the most polluted city in the Empire, one can now stand on a corner and see to the end of the block. Prior to the Empire’s efforts to clean the air and water throughout the Empire, one was lucky to be able to see half a block.

Through a novel alliance between the Empire and its businesses, which is seen as a possible model for the future, the Empire’s air and water quality are at all time highs.

Key to improving the air and water quality was discovering that prior statistics included data from before Emperor Bush I’s term. By removing this irrelevant data, air and water quality was immediately improved, by at least a factor of two.

Technological improvements have also helped. For example, situating power plants near the Wall of Safety and blowing the smoke out over the barbarian hinterlands keeps it from polluting the Empire’s air. And expelling waste water to the barbarian hinterlands instead of recirculating it within the Empire has greatly improved the water quality.

Thanks to these efforts, deaths of citizens from pulmonary and gastrointestinal diseases is at a record low.

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