Nader Hints He Will Run In ‘24

New Berkeley, CA - Perennial candidate for Emperor, Mr. Nader hinted this week that he may run for Emperor in 2024. Mr. Nader, accusing the Kerry-Gore duo of being part of the Politico-Corporate Establishment, said if he runs it will be as an independent.

Some of you will recall that during the last election, just when it appeared that Mr. Nader would get more than his usual 3% of the vote, he nearly lost his life when the tire of his Corvair mysteriously blew out while he was driving down the highway, causing the unsafe car to spin dizzyingly out of control.

Although unharmed, the accident put Mr. Nader into such a lather that he forgot all about the election and started ranting all over again about the car’s safety issues. When one of his aides reminded Mr. Nader that the car in question had not been manufactured for nearly 60 years, Mr. Nader gracefully switched gears and proposed building a water pipeline from rain-saturated Florida to the drought-stricken West.

Speaking in New Berkeley this week, Mr. Nader renewed his call for the water pipeline.

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