Kerry-Gore Demand Another Recount

New Miami, FL - That dynamic duo, Mr. Kerry and Mr. Gore are at it again, demanding a recount of votes from Emperor Bush VI’s most recent election. So far, the duo has demanded recounts in the last five of the Emperor’s six elections. Mr. Kerry did not demand a recount following the Emperor’s first election, although Mr. Gore did.

Although there is little point in demanding a recount, since in every one of the Emperor’s last four elections, his principal opponent died in an unfortunate mishap before the election, leaving the Emperor as the only credible candidate, Mr. Kerry and Mr. Gore insist that the predictive methods used to count the votes are invalid.

Observes Mr. Kerry, “If you accept the basic premise of the new predictive vote counting approach, that discarding inconvenient samples is statistically valid, then I have no complaint with the result. However, friends of mine who work at MIT have done research suggesting that arbitrarily adding or discarding votes may not be statistically valid.”

Or, as Mr. Gore put it, “As the inventor of the original Internet, I think I would know if something fishy were going on. And things smell really fishy.”

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