Florida Facing Record 30 Hurricanes In One Month

New Miami, FL - Imperial meteorologists are keeping a close eye on hurricane Maxwell, the 30th hurricane to threaten Florida this month. If this one strikes the Florida coast, it will break the record of 29 hurricanes set last September.

Based on advanced satellite imagery that can trace the hurricanes to their origins, Imperial scientists speculate that this flurry of hurricanes is the product of a secret weapon created by the aging Fidel Castro shortly before Cuba joined the African-Arabian-Australian-Canadian-Chinese- European-Indian-Mexican-Russian-South American Union (AAACCEIMRSAU) last year. It was shortly after the formation of that Axis of Evil that the number of hurricanes skyrocketed.

Given that relations between the Empire and the AAACCEIMRSAU have soured, some are speculating that the AAACCEIMRSAU is using this weapon to punish the Empire for preemptively defending itself from the over-zealous, anti-business regulators in the AAACCEIMRSAU.

Putting a positive spin on the vigorous hurricane season, an Imperial spokesperson said the extra rain was good for Florida's rice crop.

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