Changes In Gun Ownership Law

New Dallas, TX - To encourage gun ownership in the Empire, beginning next month, licensed gun owners will be required to pay a voluntary annual security fee of $1,000 to keep their guns active. Failure to pay this security fee will result in automatic disablement of their firearms until such time as the fee is paid.

This law comes on top of other recent changes in the gun ownership law also intended to encourage gun ownership. One recent law, for instance, substantially raised the requirements that must be met by citizens in order to obtain a gun license. Another law increased the price of ammunition to an average price of $50 per cartridge. Another law is credited with a dramatic drop in accidental gun-related deaths. That law required the installation of a sensor that permits only the licensed owner to fire the gun, and only at government-approved targets.

Upon passage of that law, known as the Safe Control of Regulated Equipment Warning System (SCREWS), citizens flocked to their local Imperial Gun Control office to have their guns updated with the new safety sensor. This had the additional benefit of revealing a number of citizens who did not have the required license to own guns in the first place. Some of these errant citizens were sent to re-education resorts. Some were deemed un-malleable and banished to the barbarian hinterlands.

According to Imperial Gun Control’s chief, the venerable Prince Heston, “Were it not for Emperor Bush VI’s Patriot VIII fiat, citizens today would not be enjoying as much freedom to own guns.”

The Empire has always promoted gun ownership and now sees it as a good way to reduce the cost of law enforcement. Permitting citizens to defend themselves with their own guns not only gives them a feeling of self-reliance and ownership of their society, but allows the police to devote their precious time and resources to more important tasks, such as public relations.

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