New Convenience Card Issued

New Philadelphia, PA - Emperor Bush VI today authorized the new Citizen Convenience Card Program (CCCP) to replace the old Imperial Identity Card.

The change was made to improve convenience for citizens and close what some had decried as a “gaping security hole” in the Empire’s transit system.

Some citizens, feeling that the old identity card made using planes, helicopters, trains, hovercraft, boats, automobiles, buses, and subways too inconvenient, took up walking, bicycling, and horseback riding to avoid presenting the card at numerous security checkpoints.

Starting today, the new Convenience Card will be required for all modes of transit. A clause in the new law will make the law apply to as yet inconceived modes of transit that may arise in the future.

In order to ensure compliance, security gates will be installed on all streets within the Empire. Anyone passing through those gates, whether in a car, on a bicycle, on a horse, or on foot, will need to present their new Convenience Card. A rider inserted at the last minute also requires customers to present their Convenience Cards when checking out at stores. Although the Convenience Cards will be scanned at checkout, the customer’s purchasing information will be kept private by the Imperial Administration and accessed only by means of an “escrow-key” system.

Citizens are required to obtain a new Convenience Card as soon as possible. Citizens wishing to comply with the new law must report to their nearby Imperial Administration office to have their photograph, fingerprints, retina scan, DNA, religious persuasion, sexual orientation, and other biometric information recorded so that a new Convenience Card may be issued. Although citizens are required to comply with the law, the Imperial Administration stresses that it is a voluntary program.

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