Why Government Eventually Tells Nothing But Lies

June 16, 2013 – It has been said that “truth is treason in an empire of lies.” Why is that?

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

My Psychopathic Friend

I once had a “friend,” a gregarious fellow named Pete. He and I got along right away when we met on the street where we lived, but after just a few months the gnawing feeling in the back of my mind that something was amiss grew too great to ignore any longer. I was developing an ever intensifying sense that pretty much everything Pete said was a lie. For one thing, for him to have done all the things he claimed to have done would have taken two or three lifetimes, yet he was about my age.

One morning I felt a little guilty as I typed his personality traits into a search engine but my jaw dropped when the clinical description of a psychopath appeared on the computer screen and I noted that Pete possessed all of the traits listed, especially his comfort with telling lies. From that point on I was careful to keep Pete at arm’s length even though he often tried to recruit me into his myriad illegitimate schemes. I declined his overtures but always remained civil to him because I knew the lengths he would go to “destroy” a perceived enemy. For example, his roommate – actually his benefactor – once confided to me that Pete threatened to burn her house down, the house in which he was living for free!

It always struck me as paradoxical that this guy, who was quite intelligent and not afraid of hard work, employed his keen wits in the pursuit of illegitimate schemes instead of legitimate ones. Anyway, over the next couple of years Pete became increasingly dangerous as scheme after scheme, illegitimate and legitimate, failed, and he resorted to ever more overtly criminal behavior, in some cases to get back at his “enemies.” Pete eventually ended up on the lam and hiding out in some secluded, shabby motel where his benefactor and I went to clean out his belongings after his arrest and incarceration.

What’s the point of the above story? The primary purpose is to serve as a case study in lying as a way of life. Pete’s entire world consisted of a matrix of elaborate lies. I often marveled at his ability to keep them all straight, but of course, his matrix of lies was not perfectly maintained because I sensed something wrong with it within months of meeting him. I suppose the secondary purpose of the above story is to highlight my attitude about government: that it’s not all that different from my psychopathic “friend” Pete. Government lies as a way of life; it employes its power for evil rather than good; and it grows increasingly dangerous as its misguided schemes serially fail.

Lies = Power, Truth = Irrelevance

What is the primary desire of government? In a word, power. Government craves power, even if it doesn’t intend to utilize that power immediately; it craves power for its own sake. That’s why almost all bills passed in the legislature end with the vague phrase, “and for other purposes.” The intent of all such bills is the acquisition of limitless, not limited power.

Merely relaying the truth does not empower the government. Truth is the truth; it is immutable; a fact; a constant. Lies, on the other hand, do empower the government, especially when the government is the originator of the lie. Lies can shape peoples’ perception and ultimately their behavior; in other words, a lie gives government the power to control people’s behavior, the holy grail to all governments. In addition, by “owning” a lie, by being its fabricator, government can change the lie at will to suit its meandering objectives. For instance, Al-Qaeda can be our “enemy” yesterday and our “ally” tomorrow, or even both simultaneously! The lie is that Al-Qaeda even exists; Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden are merely the contemporary incarnations of Orwell’s fictitious “Emmanuel Goldstein.” Truth, being immutable, cannot be changed to suit one’s needs; truth can be “spun” but that doesn’t change the truth, merely ignorant peoples’ interpretation of it.

Another example of systematic lying by government can be found in the “official” statistics and metrics that define health of economy, which are universally and brazenly rigged: inflation, employment and supposed free market prices. There is a purpose behind the rigging of these metrics, which is to get “consumers” to go out and spend money (as if they are hoarding their wealth rather than being tapped out). These grand lies are maintained with the aid of the government’s partners in fascism, collectively known as the mainstream media. The private sector, especially as a partner of the government, is every bit as motivated as the government to lie in order to control peoples’ behavior, and since the mainstream media is part of the private sector empire controlled by the “powers that be,” the mainstream media is instrumental in maintaining the government’s lies. The lies that the economy is just fine or “recovering” will be maintained even as the economy’s supporting beams and dust are crumbling down upon us. After all, like the government, the PTB have absolutely nothing to lose by perpetuating obviously false lies (for their credibility is already shot among those who recognize the lies) and nothing to gain by telling the truth. Their best tactic is to continue hammering away at the lies, hoping that there are enough naive, brainwashed and unintelligent people who will continue believing the lies and most importantly, behave accordingly.

Gradual Descent Into Lying As A Way Of Life

I might be wrong, but I doubt that new government employees are sent to a class titled, “Lie Your Way To Success,” but little by little every government agency discovers that it’s more productive to lie than to tell the truth and thus lying gradually becomes pervasive throughout government.

A young government may initially provide actual benefits to the public: infrastructure, justice, assurance of free markets. However, once these basic public needs are met, government continues to grow, like a malignant cancer, for that’s another thing that governments do: grow. Consequently, since the public’s meager needs have been met, each new initiative of the government serves interests that are increasingly at odds with those of the public. Since the government’s new objectives will not be welcomed by the public, the government needs to conceal its agenda behind a facade of lies, telling the public that an initiative is for one purpose when it’s really for another, perhaps one exactly opposite of what’s claimed.

Government is obviously fallible, perhaps more so than the average person since government is utilizing “other peoples’ money” and thus has little motivation to used such resources prudently. When government fails, its mistakes are covered up with lies so that the public doesn’t question the legitimacy of the government performing whatever task it has appointed to itself. The bigger and more ambitious government becomes, the greater the number of failures and mistakes it produces, meaning, the greater the number of lies it must concoct to conceal its failures. As government resorts to ever more anti-citizen tactics to acquire more power and retain the power it possesses, it becomes increasingly “aware” of its illegitimacy and cannot bear exposure of its mistakes, for any admission of failure would raise questions among the public about the government’s legitimacy. Therefore government must never, ever admit to any mistakes and must resort to lies whenever necessary to cover up mistakes; being caught telling a lie is less onerous than admitting failure.

As everyone who’s ever told a lie knows, one lie often begets another; the two then beget two more; if one does not quickly regain control of their moral compass, the matrix of lies grows exponentially, like interest on borrowed money. Of course, this is exactly what happens with people like my friend Pete who I introduced above. The same pathogenesis of deceit occurs within government. Look at the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) fiasco, a government initiative aimed at taxing and controlling the populace. The theory was a lie to begin with and governments employ new lies to counter each piece of evidence that emerges exposing the initial big lie. For instance, when the temperature data did not show any warming (contrary to the “model”), the temperature data was fudged and temperature sensors in cool locations were shut down. When the science showed that CO2 changes follow temperature changes, the AGW promoters simply lied and reversed the causation, claiming that temperature changes follow CO2 changes. A recent study shows that CO2 actually cools the planet, contradicting the very foundation of the greenhouse theory. It will be interesting to see what lies are presented in response to this latest study. I don’t mean to dwell on AGW, but it’s a good example of a growing matrix of lies proffered by the government.

I can’t help but wonder if sometimes governments resort to lie-telling to satisfy public cynicism, as if to live “up” to diminishing public expectations. If so, then the present “commander in chief” is the perfect figurehead for our contemporary government.

Private Sector Complicity

Corporations are responsible for many of the lies told by governments. As governments age they become increasingly corrupted by corporations seeking to use the power of government to increase their profits. That system – properly called fascism or corporatism – is highly institutionalized in the U.S. today. Nevertheless, what’s good for corporations is often not so good for the public, so government must lie to the public, telling them that a new law sought by its corporate partners is good for the public, even if it isn’t. This form of lying has been around a long time and is so well established that nobody even notices it anymore. As long ago as 1953, Charles Wilson, president of General Motors said:

For years I thought what was good for the country was good for General Motors and vice versa.

Obamacare is an excellent example of anti-public collusion presented on a bed of sweet smelling lies. Obamacare is great for the health “insurance” industry by mandating millions of new forced “customers.” It’s also great for the pharmaceutical industry because so many illnesses will be treated with pills, increasingly paid for by the government. But it’s bad for the public because it will raise health care costs, limit choices, ration health care and increase surveillance on the public. Was the public informed by the government of any of these negative consequences prior to the law’s passage? No, the public was lied to by the government and told that Obamacare would result in “universal” health care that would be “free” to those who could not afford it and cheaper for those that could (never mind the subsequent announcements of health insurance premium increases in the neighborhood of 100% due to Obamacare). Despite the absurdity of all the glowing promises prior to passage of Obamacare, the government had to tell all those lies in order to pass the law and thus satisfy the profit motives of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, not to mention the government’s own desire to tighten its control shackles on the public. (This morning I read, Aetna to Leave California Individual Insurance Market, on account of Obamacare. I don’t see how this reduction of competition can do anything but restrict choices and increase prices.)

Obamacare also vividly exposes the true nature of the U.S. economy, which I recognized long ago, which is that the U.S. economy is one comprised of government-enforced corporate monopolies. Until Obamacare was passed, participation in these monopolized markets was voluntary; one could always choose the option of not participating in the market. Obamacare takes away that final option, shoving the government-enforced monopolistic model in everyone’s face. Don’t be surprised if laws are passed in the future requiring everyone to take at least one airline flight every year, purchase a new car every five, a new house every ten, and so forth. As the economy deteriorates, corporations will look to the precedent of forced participation established by Obamacare as their salvation. The concept (so far) of bank “bail-ins” that has swept the globe like a wildfire is yet another example of forced participation in order to save a corporation’s bacon.

Willful Blindness

Once the bedrock of moral values, the family and church have been deliberately and systematically dismantled so the government could elevate itself to the role of “parent” and moral guide, as darkly amusing as that sounds. Thus, people are psychologically adrift, each an iceberg floating in a sea of moral ambiguity, making them easy to manipulate by those in power. The problem is that with no fabric of community or heritage (one of the reasons for the open borders) binding people together, the only thing they have left is illusion, illusion carefully crafted by the government and stuffed into people’s minds via the public school system and the mainstream media. Even if people were capable of rejecting this programming, doing so would leave most of them with no moral framework whatsoever; instead of being adrift at sea, they’d be adrift in the deepest, darkest recesses of outer space, alone. So they must defend the illusory framework that’s been inculcated within them because there is nothing to replace it.

People who have been brought up to believe in government refuse to see the above truths even when they are inescapably obvious. They would rather maintain a state of cognitive dissonance, subconsciously knowing that government lies but consciously defending government, than admit that they have been played. That partially explains why the U.S. Congress can have a 10% approval rating and a 90% incumbent reelection rate! Only people with split personalities or in a states of severe cognitive dissonance can behave so irrationally. Similar observations may be made regarding the farcical ritual of “voting,” which is increasingly rigged, and ineffectual when it isn’t. Only someone who is thoroughly brainwashed or in a state of cognitive dissonance can continue to vote.

Thus, the public bears partial culpability for the government’s facility with lying; the people want to be lied to in order to reinforce the brainwashing that saturates their minds. As Milton Friedman said decades ago, the brainwashing agenda of the public school system has sought to destroy the individual in favor of the collective; only the rare, strongly individualistic person is able to escape that control matrix.


Although newly formed governments may have the best of intentions, the desire of government to grow and accumulate power forces it to tell ever more lies in order to achieve its aims, eventually leading to a terminal state in which it tells nothing but lies. Since the emergence of fascism also appears to be inevitable over time, corporations naturally share the government’s proclivity to lie, evidence of such is endemic today. Finally, the public subconsciously wants to be lied to by those in “authority,” both to reinforce the brainwashing masquerading as public education and to perversely satisfy the public’s mental state of cognitive dissonance, in which the public harbors a love-hate relationship with government and craves official lies in order to satisfy the “hate” side of the equation; government handouts satisfy the “love” side.

Of course, there is a problem with all the lies: they conceal reality from most people. Problems that need to be addressed aren’t; inefficient investments, “malinvestments,” are prolonged; and worst of all, the immoral behavioral examples displayed by those in “authority” trickle down through the social strata, eventually corrupting the whole of society. It’s disturbing to watch movies and television programs from a half-century ago and compare the far more noble attitudes of people back then to the lax morality of people today. Although one can appear to defy the laws of physics – reality – for some length of time, reality eventually reasserts itself and the painfulness of the consequences will be proportional to the degree of depravity and departure from reality prior to the correction. I’d say we’re overdue for a very rude awakening.

The End