What Are Chemtrails? – Part III

November 27, 2008 – One day short of a year since I snapped my first chemtrail photos, the monstrous fiends are at it again, with a vengeance. (Not that they’ve relented during the year that has elapsed. If anything, they’ve become more active.)

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

Happy Thanksgiving, America

Stuff yourselves silly, but don’t dare look up at the sky. That’s not the mark of the hero, Zorro, you see wafting overhead. That’s the mark of the beast, of anti-heros, “brave” pilots with a hole in their psyches where in a normal person a conscience would be found. The same kind of personalities that drop bombs on wedding parties. Only such a person could happily motor across the sky spewing toxic substances on their countrymen.

No, that’s not the mark of Zorro

No, that’s not the mark of Zorro

I’m really angry about, and sick to death of all this deliberate poisoning of our atmosphere. I can think of no benign explanation for this spraying activity. It’s too sporadic, irregular and concentrated over population areas to be for the purpose of benevolent weather modification, not to mention that the whole global warming farce, the putative justification for benevolent weather modification, is coming unraveled.

Oh, what a beautiful, toxic sunrise

Oh, what a beautiful, toxic sunrise

On what should have been a beautiful, crystal clear autumn day, we get this. Every single trace of “clouds” you see above is from chemtrails. Were it not for the chemtrails, the sky would be absolutely clear and deep blue. Now for the rest of today we’re going to enjoy milky skies as this crap – whatever it is – settles down on top of us. I truly don’t want to go outside after seeing this stuff. Perhaps that’s part of the objective – a high tech kind of curfew: go outside and die.

Blessings of Peak Oil and Economic Collapse

I’ve got to say, I am truly hoping that peak oil and economic collapse combine to destroy the ability of these monsters to spray this stuff on top of us.

Breathe deeply, smell that wonderful, fresh country air

Breathe deeply, smell that wonderful, fresh country air

Maybe when fuel becomes too precious to waste in this manner, and the government becomes too cash-strapped to pay its goons, this crap will cease and we will once again have fresh air to breathe, the natural right of every living creature born on this planet.

Government Versus The Nation

Perhaps some of these radicals who urge us to start taking down the names of all these perps for future reference – in politics, finance, big business, government, military – are the true patriots. Goodness knows, the perpetrators aren’t patriots. Patriots care about their country, its environment, its people. These other people, the perpetrators, are destroying everything that matters to a country, and for what? To protect and enlarge the one thing that is least essential to a country, government. Government is not a vital component of a country (that’s why the U.S. Constitution defined a very limited, minimal government); in theory government exists only to serve the country. But the way our “leaders” and their henchmen behave, government is the only thing that matters. Everything else – the people, the land, the air, the water, the small businesses, even the nation’s currency – exists to be exploited or exterminated by the government at its whim.

Have you ever hear the phrase, “Continuity of Government”? That’s a set of programs to ensure that government can persist in the aftermath of some catastrophe. There is no similar program for the people, named “Continuity of Humanity”; nor is there one named “Continuity of Environment”; nor “Continuity of Commerce.” Apparently, the only thing government thinks is worth saving is its own skin.

It is in this context that the spraying of poisonous substances over the people, the land and the water seems not only justifiable, but logical, even desirable, to government people, that is.

Anyone who has studied American history has probably noted that paralleling the growth of government has been a steady decline in the nation’s economic vibrancy. That’s not a coincidence. It should be obvious that as government sucks up resources – now 50% of GDP – fewer resources are available for productive use. Eventually, as real wealth production peaks, as it did in the U.S. some time ago, the ever swelling government finds itself in direct competition with the ever swelling populace. That’s where we are today. That’s why there is such contention between government and the populace. That’s why the government is increasingly tyrannical – it must be ever more ruthless to extract its pound of flesh from us because there’s less to go around (despite all the fat people today). That’s why the prison-industrial gulag is burgeoning. That’s why our air, water and food are being poisoned – there are too many of us, and the government knows it. It’s just trying to eliminate some competition for the ever dwindling resources.

The government is literally at war with us, but few of us even recognize it. And the government’s fascist accomplices – the global elite and their corporations – are waging a class war against us, and again, few even recognize it. All people know is that they feel besieged, and rightly so. They just don’t why or know who to blame. Well, for starters, dare to look up at the sky. (I changed my mind.)

Update – 25 December 2008

Just like on Thanksgiving Day, when this post was originally written, the demons are at it again.

Christmas Day chemtrail sunrise

Christmas Day chemtrail sunrise. Notice all the luminous streaks above and behind the trees. Those are chemtrails. And there are additional chemtrails in every direction.

Besides today being Christmas Day, this is also the first clear day after a week of awful weather. Don’t these people rest? Is it now the law that we aren’t allowed to have a single nice, natural day anymore? We had another crystal clear day about a week and a half ago, and I’ve never seen chemtrail spraying more heavy than on that day. By afternoon, the entire sky, on what should have been a crystal clear day, was covered in chemtrail overcast. This needs to cease!

One hour after sunrise

One hour after sunrise. I predict that by midday, the sky will be covered in a milky chemtrail overcast.

At one time I was willing to accept that this spraying might be to combat “global warming,” even in which case the “cure” of chemtrails may not be better than the “disease.” But given that the arguments in favor of global warming are flawed to begin with and disintegrating, and given that global warming has been seized upon by governments around the world as a means to control and tax their citizens, I now believe global warming is a massive hoax. Therefore, chemtrail spraying cannot be to combat global warming, a non-problem.

That leaves two possibilities: some sort of military program, such as HAARP, or a deliberate program to kill us! Some people have claimed that long-term exposure to barium and aluminum, principal components of chemtrails, weakens the immune system. Why might that matter? It would matter if someone were planning to introduce something like, say, weaponized “avian flu” virus into the population. Such a population, its immune system weakened by years of chemtrail exposure, might readily succumb to such a virus, whereas a healthy population would shrug it off.

People had better start waking up and realize that our “leaders” DO NOT have our best interests at heart. And as competition for the earth’s dwindling natural resources – peak oil, anyone? – intensifies, our benevolent “leaders” are going to become ever more brazen in their efforts to exterminate the competition for those resources, that is, us.

I have nothing against the “troops.” But people who claim to “support the troops” might want to think about who it is who’s flying these airplanes that are poisoning our skies. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not foreigners, and it’s not civilians. Would you continue to “support” someone if you knew they were trying to kill you?

Oh, yeah, those are normal flight paths

Oh, yeah, those are normal flight paths

There are chemtrails in every direction – north, south, east, west. Except for a week and a half ago, I’ve never seen such widespread activity. It’s as if the demons have pulled out all the stops in order to accelerate their poisoning program. On a day like today I wouldn’t dare go outside. Unfortunately, I have an invitation for dinner that necessitates my going out. That’s what irritates me more than anything – that I have no choice but to be exposed to this crap. Am I angry? Words cannot articulate just how much.

Update – 01 January 2009

The U.S. holiday season wouldn’t be complete without New Years Day chemtrails. The fiends were very busy again today.

Chemtrails to the south

Chemtrails to the south

It’s baffling why they are so active on holidays. Supposedly chemtrails are to combat “global warming.” Does global warming only occur on holidays? Or do the monsters prefer holidays because they assume people will be too preoccupied with their holiday activities to notice the unnatural sky?

Chemtrails to the west. Airplanes flying in grid patterns again.

Chemtrails to the west. Airplanes flying in grid patterns again.

Today was gorgeous – clear, warm, sunny. I wanted to go out for a walk. Then I looked up at the sky and decided not to expose myself to the crap saturating the air. These photos don’t show the subsequent overcast-like conditions following the bestial chemtrail spraying. What began as a clear sky ended up a sickly, milky shroud.

Closeup of one of the demons spewing out its poison

Closeup of one of the demons spewing out its poison

I’ve got an idea, let’s send these pilots over to Israel, where they can get their jollies blowing up defenseless women and children. That would probably be a lot more exciting to these pilots than merely causing the slow death of their fellow countrymen.

The comparison is not unfair, nor uncorrelated. I believe the greatly increased chemtrail activity this year and the Israeli attack on Gaza are both part of the same agenda, which is a make-or-break push by the powers-that-be to achieve their long-sought dream of global enslavement. The incipient economic collapse is another part of this objective, the aim of which is to so dispirit the populace worldwide that it will embrace global governance, that is, global enslavement. Mr. Obama is also part of the plan, his role being that of a smooth-talking, soothing figurehead to oversee the endgame. Anyone who still believes Mr. Obama is the agent of “change,” is sadly naive. Mr. Obama will do exactly what his superiors (the PTB) instruct him to do.

Update – 02 January 2009

Unbelievable as it may seem, the bastards are at it again today! They’re using the cloud cover to conceal their activity.

Chemtrails above the clouds

Chemtrails above the clouds

I saw the same thing a few days ago when it was cloudy. Every once in a while the clouds would break and I could see chemtrails above them. Now, one would think that if it’s cloudy there would be no need for chemtrails to mitigate “global warming,” since clouds form a natural reflective shield. So why are they spraying chemtrails on cloudy days as well? If, in fact, the purpose of chemtrails is to poison the population and weaken their immune systems, and not to mitigate the farcical “global warming,” then cloudy days would be ideal for spraying chemtrails, as the spraying activity would be largely concealed.

Just as the economic collapse is intended to weaken peoples’ finances, chemtrail spraying is intended to weaken peoples’ immune systems. Both will leave the populace dispirited and eager to embrace any false promise of salvation, even if it comes in the form of global governance, that is, global enslavement.

I’ve never seen such intense spraying activity as I have in the last few months. Even on nice, clear days, instead of enjoying the day I look up at the sky and wonder how long it will be before the chemtrail sprayers come along and ruin it, forcing me to scurry indoors for safety. What a sorry way to live life.

Update – 23 January 2009

In case my language above seems unduly harsh, here’s an excellent article, titled Ten Years Into The Chemtrail-Wars, that encapsulates my feelings like a glove. Also, in the interest of doing something constructive instead of merely ranting in frustration, I’ve begun keeping a log of my chemtrail observations around here. I urge everyone to do the same. I’m hoping to be able to identify a pattern in the data I collect. At the very least, such a pattern will enable me to anticipate when it’s unsafe to go outside. Evidence of a pattern may also be useful in dismissing the notion that chemtrails are benign, random phenomena. Here’s my chart since the beginning of the year.

Chemtrail activity over Kentucky

Chemtrail activity over Kentucky

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