What Are Chemtrails? – Part II

July 4, 2008 – Continuing analysis to answer the question “What are chemtrails?” Discusses a document about the so-called Shield Project, which purports to explain away chemtrails as a beneficial program to save the planet.

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

A couple of weeks ago I ran across a remarkable document, titled Chemtrails – spraying in our sky, which discusses something called the Shield Project. After first reading it I was astonished and even relieved because it seemed to answer all of the most common questions raised about chemtrails, including:

According to this document, the Shield Project is meant to mitigate global warming until such time as a permanent solution can be devised. In other words, global warming is a crisis of such urgency that it impels an emergency program to cool the planet as quickly as possible and shield it from UV radiation. Otherwise, we face massive species extinction within twenty to fifty years (as of 2003, meaning our doom is now fifteen to forty-five years away). This document implies that the ultimate solution is to rebuild the ozone layer, which has been depleted by industrialization. The barium and aluminum metals saturating the atmosphere not only shield the planet from heat and UV radiation, but when electrically excited produce new ozone high in the atmosphere.

Persuasive as this document was when I read it, after a few days of mulling it over I began to get a little suspicious. The first glaring concern I have with this document is that the unidentified insider who leaked this information, nicknamed Deep Shield, turned up dead the following year, in 2004, so there is no way to corroborate the information he supposedly divulged. That’s a mighty convenient way to preclude further investigation, to claim the person harboring the information is dead. If this person is dead, why hasn’t anybody else in his organization been moved to take his place as a leaker of information? Was he the sole individual in the entire organization to believe that the rest of us ought to know what’s going on? The Shield Project is supposedly a huge, worldwide program, presumably involving tens of thousands of people, yet only one person out of all those thousands has seen fit to divulge such information? In the last five years? It challenges the imagination.

A second problem I have with this document is its inconsistent rationale for chemtrail spraying. On the one hand the document suggests that global warming is caused by CO2, but on the other hand it suggests that it’s caused by too much UV radiation. Those two causes are quite different and would seem to require different strategies to rectify them. Oddly enough, while the document states that the Shield Project is intended to mitigate global warming and suggests that CO2 is a cause of the problem, it also says that governments have basically thrown up their hands in despair when it comes to reducing CO2 production! In other words, the governments behind the Shield Project, while fighting to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere (barium compounds supposedly absorb CO2), have given up trying to reduce the production of CO2 here on Earth, which does make their chemtrail spraying efforts seem a bit pointless. It’s like taking a drug to treat the symptoms of a disease without addressing the underlying cause of the disease. At best, all one can hope to do in such a circumstance is hold the disease at bay, but not actually cure it.

The governments have apparently also given up on the idea of chemtrail spraying over the middle of the oceans because they have limited resources. There’s another convenient explanation, this time for why chemtrail spraying occurs primarily over human populations. If the governments have a limited budget and cannot afford to spray over the entire surface of the Earth, then why spray over human-populated regions at all? Why not spray over the oceans or deserts instead and minimize the harm to humans?

Another problem is the explanation for the extreme secrecy surrounding chemtrails. Are you ready for this? The situation we face is so dire that civilization cannot cope with the knowledge of it and would go crazy if it knew the truth. Boy, is that a tired old explanation, or what? The same reasoning has been used to explain why the governments of the world are conspiring to keep a lid on the topic of alien visitation. Yet these same people, who are so concerned about civilization losing its collective mind, don’t seem bothered to acknowledge that the chemicals in chemtrails may cause severe illness or death to two billion people! Wiping out a third of the human population is deemed an acceptable cost compared to the alternative, which is the extinction of 89% of all animal species on the planet.

I suppose the thing I find most suspicious about this document is that it answers the concerns people have about chemtrails too thoroughly and precisely. If I were a government agent tasked with producing a piece of disinformation to neutralize public interest in chemtrails, this is the document I would have produced. Every concern is neatly explained away, slight inconsistencies notwithstanding.

Frankly, this document raises more questions than it answers. What impact is the growing evidence against global warming and the growing scientific criticism of the theory having on the Shield Project? Is the Shield Project going full speed ahead in spite of these criticisms? Is the Shield Project producing positive results? If so, why aren’t the governments behind it trumpeting their success and asking the public for more funds so that they can spray more of the planet and thus accelerate their cure? If the project is succeeding, then surely it’s safe to inform the public now. In fact, publicly explaining the problem and demonstrating that the solution appears to be working might secure the public’s cooperation in reducing CO2 production. Is the project failing? If so, then why is chemtrail spraying continuing? They’ve been spraying chemtrails for five years since this document was published. Surely that’s enough time to ascertain whether or not the Shield Project is succeeding.

I know nothing about this fellow, G. Brian Holmes. He may be a decent fellow or he may be one of the myriad hoaxsters that litter the Internet. This document sounds authentic, but then so do many Internet hoaxes. Let’s say, however, for the sake of argument that he’s on the level and that he didn’t simply make up this e-mail correspondence out of thin air (he admits to making up the questions). How do we know that his inside source, Deep Shield, was not deliberately disseminating disinformation? We do not. There is absolutely no way to corroborate this information, nor has it apparently been reinforced by anybody else in the five years since this information was made public. Therefore, it should be viewed with great skepticism.

I’ll stick to my earlier analysis, which you can read in What Are Chemtrails?

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