What Are Chemtrails?

June 21, 2008 – In the face of deafening “official” silence about chemtrails, this essay attempts to logically analyze the composition of and rationales behind chemtrails.

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

Until a few years ago I had never heard the term “chemtrail.” I had long noticed these trails in the sky, but didn’t pay much attention to them, simply categorizing them as ordinary contrails, the vapor exhaust trails left by jet engines. But take a look at this photograph which I took above my house on November 28, 2007.

Chemtrails blanket sky above my house on November 28, 2007
Chemtrails blanket sky above my house on November 28, 2007

Do these trails look like ordinary jet contrails? If so, why to they form a neat grid pattern? Why do the trails not evaporate like normal contrails, but instead spread out for hours and hours until they blanket the sky? What if I said that I live in the middle of nowhere, not within 100 miles of any major airport? I now see chemtrails above my house every week, often before a storm, as if the perpetrators are using the approaching storm clouds to conceal their chemtrails or perhaps are relying on the imminent rainfall to wash the chemicals being sprayed down to ground level.

When I first read about chemtrails and the supposedly nefarious intentions behind them, I mostly dismissed such discussion as the ramblings of “tin foil hat” wearers. But when I began to ask myself the above questions, I found I had no answer. Hence the title of this post: “What Are Chemtrails?”

One of the most peculiar aspects – unprecedented, really – is the complete and seemingly conspiratorial silence of all the “authorities” about the matter. I have never witnessed such a thorough official silence about anything in my life. Even during the incipient stages of the AIDS epidemic, when nobody knew anything and everybody was asking “What’s going on?”, the authorities were quick to offer plenty of speculative hypotheses. But not so with chemtrails. Are the authorities incurious? Or do they know the purpose behind chemtrails and understand that they must maintain absolute silence on the matter? Oddly enough, the silence of the authorities is more troubling than their usual dissembling would be. At least if they were to offer an explanation, there’s a good chance that it could then be ruled out as the explanation, thus reducing the field of possible explanations. Look at the Iraq war. Every one of the half dozen or so justifications for invading Iraq eventually proved specious. By process of elimination – eliminating the specious justifications – we can conclude that the real reasons for invading Iraq were those never mentioned by the authorities, that is, oil, Israel, or hegemony (all three of which, by the way, are slowly proving to be correct). We could apply the same analysis in our examination of chemtrails, if only the authorities would give us some information to work with. But they remain steadfast in their silence.

So I ask again, what are chemtrails? I will list the explanations I think are plausible, along with an analysis of the likelihood of each explanation being correct, in an attempt to logically isolate the most likely explanation. I welcome comments and insight by others who are interested in this “phenomenon.”

Beneficial Weather Modification (Doubtful)

What benefits could be achieved through weather modification? If one buys into the global warming theory, then chemtrails might be a program to modify the weather to induce global cooling in order to offset global warming. However, judging from the U.S. Government’s recalcitrant attitude toward protecting the environment or the health of the U.S. (or any other) population, I rather doubt that it’s trying to modify the weather for the benefit of mankind or the environment. In addition, wouldn’t such efforts necessitate spraying chemtrails over the oceans which cover 70% of the planet? So far it seems as if chemtrails are only sprayed over land where people live. I would be curious to know if anybody has witnessed chemtrails over the oceans or any unpopulated land regions.

I suppose it’s possible that the weather is being modified to somehow help corporate profits, maybe by increasing crop yields for corporate agricultural concerns. But if that’s the plan, it doesn’t appear to be working, considering that global grain stocks are declining and food costs are rising.

Harmful Weather Modification (Likely)

Given the U.S. Government’s lengthy history of perverting every technology into a weapon, it seems more likely that if the weather is being modified it’s not for benevolent purposes, but rather for malevolent ones. The problem is, however, that chemtrails are not being sprayed on our putative “enemies,” but on us, the citizens of this nation! Of course, I have long felt that we the people are regarded as enemies by the U.S. Government, so it’s entirely plausible that it is engaged in an active war against us at this very moment and we are oblivious to it.

How might weather modification be used as a weapon? Aside from immediate climate catastrophes such as torrential rainfall, record snowfall or drought, altering the weather will most likely reduce crop yields. After all, farms evolve to take maximum advantage of the environment in which they reside. If that environment is altered, chances are that the farm will no longer be optimally suited for the new environment, thus reducing its productivity. For example, consider a rice farm in Arkansas that takes advantage of that state’s abundant water resources. Now consider what happens if suddenly the weather patterns over that state are altered and there is less water available. The rice farm will not produce as much rice. Or consider a state like Iowa, which grows corn. Given the terrain and rainfall, Iowa might be a perfect locale in which to grow corn. But what happens if the weather is altered and suddenly there is too much rainfall? Then the corn crop will diminish. The point is that in each locale the crops grown are ideally suited for the given environment (that maximizes yield), so any change in that environment is likely to reduce crop yields (that is, until the farm adapts to the new environment, but that takes time).

Aside from the potential for malnutrition or starvation concomitant with reduced crop yields, it just so happens that reducing yields drives up prices, which is certainly not an unwelcome consequence to those who produce food, which in the U.S. are largely politically well-connected corporations. But continuing on with the issue of malnutrition, there certainly seems to be a plan afoot to induce disease in the American public. Food quality is being steadily degraded (pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, genetic modification, irradiation); access to beneficial food supplements, such as vitamins and herbs is increasingly threatened; pharmaceutical drugs of dubious benefit are increasingly being pushed onto and into an unsuspecting, naive and trusting public. So reducing the availability of food and inducing malnutrition is totally consistent with the other deliberate threats to our health.

One more benefit (to the government) of reducing crop yields is to intensify the feeling of fear and crisis among the masses, which will then justify the government stepping in and offering a “solution,” which will end up being just another excuse to impose more controls on us. We know that this government, in particular, has thrived on instilling fear among the masses.

Disease Or Pest Eradication (Doubtful)

Are chemtrails intended to eradicate pests, such as harmful flies or mosquitoes? It seems unlikely considering that the chemicals are being sprayed at such high altitudes in the atmosphere. If the spraying were intended to kill harmful pests, it would be more efficacious if done at much lower altitudes. In fact, whenever the government has conducted pest eradication spraying programs in the past it has been done at much lower altitudes. And what diseases might chemtrails be intended to eradicate? I can think of none.

Moreover, these chemtrail spraying programs are conducted over urban and rural areas. I’ve witnessed chemtrails being sprayed over major cities, such as San Diego, as well as over my house in rural Kentucky. So what pests or diseases are equally problematic in urban and rural areas, thousands of miles apart? Again, I can think of none.

Research (Doubtful)

Are chemtrails some kind of research program? This is highly doubtful considering the widespread and purposeful nature of this program. A research program would probably be small, localized and lightly funded. Chemtrail spraying, on the other hand, is widespread (all over the U.S. and Europe) and very expensive. Flying jet aircraft back and forth across the sky (I’ve witnessed as many as four jets operating simultaneously in my area) for hours on end has to be expensive, especially when conducted day after day, all over the nation, if not the globe. I mean, this has to be extremely expensive – we’re talking billions of dollars annually. That’s no research program. The photo below shows a jet laying down one of these chemtrails. If you look closely you will see a white speck; that is the jet. On this day I witnessed two jets flying parallel, laying down the grid in one direction, and two other jets flying parallel to one another, laying down the perpendicular grid. Also notice how hazy the sky looks. That’s not from clouds. The haziness is the result of the chemtrails spreading out for hours.

Jet laying down chemtrail above my house on November 28, 2007
Jet laying down chemtrail above my house on November 28, 2007

To Cause Disease (Likely)

The final possible explanation for what’s behind chemtrail spraying is to cause disease among the population. I already mentioned that it might be intended to reduce crop yields in order to drive up food prices, induce malnutrition and heighten anxiety among the population.

But chemtrails might also be intended to induce disease in the population more directly. Several intrepid researchers have observed that chemtrails seem to contain extremely high concentrations (many times higher than what even the government deems safe) of barium and aluminum. Not being an expert in such matters, I have no idea what harm these metals might cause to the body, but I doubt they’re healthful and I certainly wouldn’t want to breathe air filled with such material (in fact, on days when I see chemtrails in the air, I hunker down indoors). In particular, aluminum has been implicated as a possible factor in Alzheimer’s disease.

Why might the U.S. Government seek to induce disease in the population? Again, to heighten anxiety. Or to create sick customers for pharmaceutical firms. Of course, this meshes well with my earlier hypothesis about the deliberate degradation of our food and the efforts to interfere with our taking care of our health, as well as the spread of fluoridated water and mandatory vaccinations. I have no doubt that the pharmaceutical companies would love for all of us to be popping several expensive pills a day to treat all of our diseases, rather than to simply eat good, wholesome food.

Who Is Behind It?

We ought to ask, “Who is doing this spraying?” Some naive people might dismiss the whole topic of chemtrails by saying, “Those are just ordinary exhaust trails of commercial airliners taking off from airports.” Well, as I stated, the closest airport to me that can accommodate commercial airliners is 120 miles away. There’s no reason for such energetic jet activity in my region. In addition, since when do jets on approach to, or taking off from airports fly in neat grid patterns? Wouldn’t all such contrails be pretty much lined up with the airport’s runways? Also, I have observed ordinary jet contrails plenty of times and they quickly evaporate and disappear; chemtrails don’t. They linger in the air and spread out until they make the sky look hazy and overcast. Why would commercial jets be dispensing a substance that lingers in the air like that? It’s my conclusion that these chemtrails (in the U.S.) are being dispensed by U.S. Government airplanes or airplanes under contract to the U.S. Government, and are not a benign byproduct dispensed by commercial airplanes.


If chemtrails were benign would not the “authorities” attempt to diffuse consternation over them by explaining their benign purpose? If chemtrails were indeed beneficial, would not the authorities be publicly patting themselves on the back, taking credit for the wonderful benefits they’re bringing to mankind? The silence is deafening.

Chemtrail spraying is widespread, purposeful, well coordinated and expensive. The most plausible explanations are malevolent ones that seek to reduce food supplies or directly induce disease in people.

My photos are not very good. If you want to see many, many more photos of chemtrails from all over the world, check out this site.

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