The Scent Of Revolution

August 9, 2009 – I never thought I’d actually see it happen, but when all other civil options are exhausted, what’s left?

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

At long last, people are slowly beginning to realize that they are under full scale assault by the powers-that-be, who are attacking the peoples’ food, finances, health and freedom.

So far the people have behaved admirably, perhaps even with stupefying placidity, and tried to work within the system to effect change, but I sense that their patience is running out, that they are nearing the last straw that will finally cause them to throw up their hands and shout NO!

Working Through The System

Although the assault on the populace is decades old, dating at least as far back as the 1970s with Nixon’s escalation of “war on drugs,” if we go back just a few years we see the first indication of any sort of backbone within the populace. The 2006 Congressional election was a turning point in the public’s mood, their vote clearly reflecting a desire to get the heck out of Iraq. The politicians running for office at the time gave vague assurances that they were inclined to end the war, but once safely ensconced in office, their steady diet of campaign contributions from smarmy lobbyists secure, the newly elected legislators capitulated and abandoned the notion of withdrawal, and in fact even increased funding for, and supported expansion of the wars. The wishes of the people, who admirably performed their civic duty at the polling booth, were utterly ignored by their “representatives.”

Calling Their Congressmen

A few years later, in 2008, people were up in arms about the first major financial system bailout, which was proposed during the Bush Administration. The people, who are frequently characterized as stupid (including by me), saw through the lies of the government and its corporate partners and recognized the bailouts for what they were: the public socialization of losses suffered by private, politically connected entities. People did the right thing and dutifully “called their congressmen,” as they have so often been urged to do. Some congressmen admitted that public opposition to the bailout was 100:1, yet in the end Congress voted for the bailout anyway, totally ignoring the wishes of the people they supposedly represent. Is it any wonder? The people don’t pay the campaign bills of the politicians; Wall Street does. So who are these politicians going to listen to?

It should have been clear to anyone paying attention that the bailout bill, a 451-page monstrosity that few people in Congress actually read before voting for it, was planned long in advance (a bill that size, full of legislative minutiae cannot be written in a few days, as we were led to believe). Congress perpetrated a fraud on the people by introducing a phony, two page bill, which it then voted against in order to appear “resistant” to bailouts, only to introduce the massive bill days later, which it swiftly voted for. The people had no say in this blatant robbery, even though they are left holding the bag. This larcenous precedent set by Mr. Bush merely laid the groundwork for even more grandiose thefts of public money under his successor.

Public Protest

Escalating their political activism, the people have taken to protesting in the streets, only to find themselves cordoned off in “free speech zones,” well away from the political venue that is the target of their protest, or summarily arrested, sometimes even “preemptively” in their own houses before they can travel to the venue. For the most part, people are no longer permitted to protest in public, despite the Constitution’s First Amendment, which reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Notice the part about “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”? Or how about the part about “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” In true despotic fashion, Mr. Obama has recently set up an e-mail address [now disabled] to which people can report their aggrieved peers. It’s no longer safe or even legal to engage in public protest in the U.S.

In Person Activism

One of the few remaining venues in which people can still vent their frustrations in public is the so-called town hall meeting, in which legislators graciously grant an audience to the people they ostensibly represent.

This summer, legislators are justly getting “an earful about government run amok.” The people are opposed to the “cap and tax” initiative which will increase the cost of living across the board, to the benefit of people and corporations involved in trading carbon credits. The people are opposed to “health care reform,” which they correctly recognize will increase health care costs while decreasing the quality and availability of health care. Say what you will about “stupid” voters, but when it comes to issues affecting their pocketbooks, they can see with crystal clarity. The people are worried about mandatory vaccinations and actually doing something about it. Yet despite all these legitimate concerns, the legislators seem genuinely baffled by the peoples’ resistance to the proposed legislation. It’s as if the legislators are so isolated in their rarefied world of wealth and privilege and donor pampering that they no longer have anything in common with the common man.

No doubt, these baffled legislators will not take away any sort of revelation from these town hall meetings with their constituents. Once they get back to Congress, back into the groove of wining and dining and pampering by political operatives, they will forget all about their recent unpleasant experiences with their constituents and vote along corporate lines, as usual. The people have no representation any longer and a few are starting to understand that, even if they are not quite ready to acknowledge the logical consequence of being taxed and controlled without representation: revolution.

Last Resort: Armed Rebellion

When the people no longer have any representation, yet seemingly bear all the costs and affronts, what choice remains but to rebel? So far, even the abjectly poor live pretty comfortably in this country, so they still have too much to lose by rebelling. But just wait until the economic collapse kicks into high gear, which is coming. Just wait until food shortages kick in, which I believe is also coming. Just wait until armor-wearing soldiers are pounding on peoples’ doors, demanding to inject them with useless vaccines that threaten the peoples’ very lives. Just wait until people are living in tents or being rounded up and sent to internment camps. Once enough people have nothing left to lose they will rebel, and once that happens many people who are fed up with the fascist system in place today will join them, even if merely by offering covert support.

The threat of genuine, armed revolution is why the Second Amendment is under such fierce assault today. It’s why internment camps are being set up and the Army National Guard is hiring “internment/resettlement specialists.” It’s why the government wants to keep tabs on us any way it can, such as with this new GPS mileage tax baloney being propsed. First of all, the current gasoline taxes are already essentially a tax on mileage, with some variation due to the differing fuel economy of individual cars. Secondly, if they wanted to implement a tax based on mileage alone – a dubious plan that would reduce the incentive to drive fuel efficient cars – they could simply require people to report their odometer reading when they register their car each year and the state would tax them accordingly. The only reason for using GPS to keep track of mileage is to record every place a car is driven and possibly even to determine if one is speeding and issue speeding tickets by means of satellites. Automated ticketing is the wet dream of every cash-strapped bureaucracy, as evidenced by the proliferation of automated red light and speeding cameras that spew out tickets, generating profits for both government and corporations.

Since “our” legislators no longer heed our votes, take our phone calls, permit us to protest in public or hear us (they listen but they do not hear) when we speak to them in town hall meetings, what course of action is left? The only thing government seems to understand anymore is force. I believe the day is coming when the people will turn to the only option left to them. By the time that possibility becomes palpable, the U.S. will be embroiled in World War III so as to deflect peoples’ attention from our economic problems, militarize the country even further and kill off as many potential revolutionaries as possible before they can foment insurrection here at home.

Update – 10 August 2009

In this two-part video, Gerald Celente echoes my long-uttered assertions that:

He closes by saying, “we need a revolution.”

Update – 13 August 2009

More from Gerald Celente in this article, titled, The 'Second American Revolution' Has Begun.

Update – 17 August 2009

Some good news for a change. The White House has retired the offensive tattletale e-mail address,, due to citizen outrage. We can be heard if we want to be.

The End