The Forces Of Darkness Appear To Be Winning

December 26, 2009 – In the “real” world, stories don’t always have a happy ending.

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

I’ve been paying attention to the goings-on here on this planet for a long time. In the process I’ve become somewhat jaded and cynical, as nobody in a position of “authority” is what they appear to be or trustworthy, and everything purported to be a “benefit” to us is, in fact, the exact opposite.

What has long baffled me, and continues to baffle me is how so few can see through the bovine excrement spewed out by our “leaders.” So many people actually believe the lies of these subhumans we call our “leaders.” You know, people used to joke that you can tell when so-and-so is lying because he is moving is lips. Well, sadly, that’s not a joke, but an accurate assessment of every single one of our so-called leaders.

Often times I feel as if I’m living in a parallel universe, the one named “realityland.” Most others live in the one called “fantasyland,” which is the one crafted by the forces of darkness to keep people in the dark, busily spinning their hamster wheels. The universe named “fantasyland” is the one in which the government “cares” about us, we are out of recession and the economy is in recovery, as the guy on the radio keeps yammering. Of course, who pays his salary? Oh yeah, the oligarchs who own the handful of media companies that own all the mainstream media outlets in this country, and which speak with a single forked tongue, the very same oligarchs who are devout members of the forces of darkness. And what is their agenda, besides serving as the handmaiden for the government? To get people to buy, buy, buy goods and services from their corporations. People aren’t much in the mood to buy, buy, buy when they feel broke, broke, broke and the future looks bleak, bleak, bleak, so if you just keep yammering away that the economy is improving, sort of like “catapulting the propaganda,” maybe you can convince the denizens of “fantasyland” to go just a little deeper into debt to satisfy their carnal urge to consume.

It appears to me that a great many people possess an active mental barrier that prevents them from viewing government or persons in authority as anything but benevolent, let alone sinister or evil. I suspect that most people harbor authoritarian tendencies to at least a small degree, so they naturally approve whenever the increasingly authoritarian government enforces one of their own cherished authoritarian measures. For instance, I know people who support the so-called “health care reform” bill precisely because it will force everyone to buy health insurance whether they want it or not, because the people I know believe everyone should have such insurance and seem to resent those that do not have it. Yet these same people would express umbrage were the authoritarian government to tell them what they could or could not eat, which is certainly coming.

I think one reason I see things more clearly than most is that I have no ambition, no goal, no desire, no agenda and no partisanship. I enjoy the moment, scarcely planning for the future. I am a solitary individual who eschews being a member of any group – a loner, I guess. Most importantly, I abhor treading on the rights of others or having my own rights tread upon. Consequently, I’m keenly sensitive to instances where anyone’s rights are infringed upon.

For a long time I have harbored a hope that the sheer audaciousness of the plans of the forces of darkness would doom them to failure, that their own viperous infighting would undermine their agenda, or that the common people would eventually wake up and put a stop to it all. Unfortunately, I think that was a naive dream of mine, as the forces of darkness appear to be winning in their war against us.

Even worse, the common people seem to be capitulating to the will of those forces of darkness, as even people close to me, people who deplored the militarism of the previous president, today embrace the “support the troops” mentality, oblivious to the creeping militarism of American society so obviously begot by our military adventurism abroad. Why, I know people today who are seeking to purchase authentic military clothing to wear, who spend their free time shooting each other on the paintball range on a military base of all places, and yet they cannot see what they are slowly becoming, minions of the forces of darkness. No wonder the recent Supreme Court decision, giving the president the authority to declare anyone a “nonperson” was greeted with a collective yawn instead of the shrieks of horror it should have elicited. Of course, supporters of such a barbaric policy can console themselves with the ill-founded belief that only “bad” people will be tortured, which they should expect anyway since they are “bad,” or so says the Supreme Court. And people who aren’t genuinely “bad” who are disappeared and tortured will be made to look “bad” by the obsequious mainstream media, always eager to please its fascist partner, the government. Perhaps the reason our totalitarian cheerleader of a president, installed by the forces of darkness themselves, recently signed an executive order granting full immunity to Interpol to operate freely in this country is so it can help round up all those “bad” people and spirit them off to their “expected,” overdue and awaiting torture sessions. I wonder, what does one wear to such an event? Formal or casual?

Not content to bamboozle us with a fraudulent “health care reform” bill, a bill that I’ve long referred to as a tax on being alive, the same feculent creatures that brought us that disaster of a bill are introducing additional equally vile and destructive bills that will ultimately turn this country, if not much of the world into a high-tech reincarnation of the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

These forces of darkness are not giving up and slinking off to die – I guess it was unrealistic to believe they would be so courteous – but are now pulling out all the stops in a Hail Mary effort to implement their “master plan,” whatever that is, although I suspect it has something to do with killing off most of us and enslaving the remainder to serve them.

The U.S. government is quietly, but systematically taking over control of all the food and water in the country, what with the NAIS program, FDA regulation of food production and recent efforts to take control of all the waterways – not just the navigable ones – in the country. Why does the government need to take control of every puddle and well? Is it to prevent people from growing their own food? To facilitate further poisoning of the water supplies with fluoride, or drugging them with lithium as some have claimed? To expedite transfer of all water rights to for-profit corporations? Who knows. One thing we can be certain of is that the government will not tell us the truth regarding its motivations.

Internationally, Codex Alimentarius is set to be imposed upon us. I’m not quite sure what purported benefits this program offers, but it sure sounds like a program designed to cause disease in people, to be followed by their premature and permanent departure from “fantasyland.” And since we live in a fascist country, the government is not pursuing these vile objectives alone, but with the eager assistance of its handful of powerful corporate partners, such as that odious chemical company which seeks a monopoly over the genetic material of all food on the planet.

Chemtrail spraying continues unabated and still few notice, let alone admit that there’s something sinister going on. It’s as if people don’t want to know what’s being done to them, an attitude that no longer surprises me. A few weeks ago I read a fascinating essay, written by a psychologist, which explained this phenomenon which I have observed and which has long perplexed me so. In essence, the essay states that when people become so “broken,” as the American people have, they can no longer cope with the truth of their situation, such truth serving only to intensify the shame they feel about their defeated condition. So they not only avoid the truth but seek escape in mind-numbing diversions, like shopping, TV, porn and drugs.

More than anything else, I believe this collective psychological state of defeatism is what has emboldened the forces of darkness to escalate their barbarity against us. Anymore, they operate openly, brazenly, seemingly taunting us to react, which we will not.

So they escalate their wars around the world to take control of its resources, as well as to distract us from the cause – the forces of darkness themselves – of economic collapse, which is not going away, but which has merely been successfully and temporarily concealed by the application of staggering billions of manufactured dollars, for which we are ultimately going to be held responsible! Their global warming high priests press ahead with renewed vigor even after the nakedness of “global warming” theory has been laughably exposed. Of course, the motivation behind “global warming” or the more scientific sounding “AGW” was always money, in particular, tax money for governments and profits for insiders, such as all those lip-smacking “carbon traders” lining up at the trough.

And should any of us escape drug-induced pacification through vaccination, fluoride or lithium and reveal the slightest fealty to the Constitution, backbone or independence of thought, the forces of darkness fear us not, for their attack squad is heavily armed with military-grade weapons and ready for us. Police nationwide have ramped up the intensity and frequency of their attacks on the citizens with full impunity. It’s a virtual certainty today that any murder of a citizen by a police officer under any circumstances will be declared “justified,” leaving the family of the victim to mourn their dead in private. Meanwhile, should a police officer be murdered by a citizen, the funeral service will be a civic event, sure to attract thousands of fellow cops eager to inflict revenge on the uppity citizens responsible for the death of their comrade.

These trends aren’t unique to the U.S., but appear to be spreading throughout the world, especially within the “advanced” countries. Perhaps that’s because the ‘advanced” countries are the ones which have reached the zenith of their sustainability curve, as exponential economic growth inevitably runs into a wall. Perhaps the governments of the “advanced” countries have recognized that they will survive from now on only by encumbering and diminishing the standard of living of their citizens, and that once the citizens wake up and figure this little scheme out, they aren’t going to be too happy about it. This realization by governments probably explains why some of the “advanced” countries of the world are making preparations for civilian uprisings and waging resource wars, the age-old means by which communities temporarily outlive their sustainability. As I’ve written before, at this point the only thing that will stop the forces of darkness is total collapse, an eventuality which their own actions are hastening along.

I don’t know how the rest of the world feels about what is going on in the world today, but I can say that Americans are responding to it by blithely shrugging and hurrying to the after Christmas sales.

The End