That Fishy Smell

May 3, 2009 – Or, what it’s like to live in a Potemkin economy.

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

My nose is wrinkling a lot these days, as if continually assaulted by the stench of rotting fish. The rising tension in places such as Pakistan, plus the flu “pandemic” strike me as so many distractions from the bigger crisis rushing toward us, that of economic collapse, caused by the very elites running the world today.

Everywhere one looks they can see evidence of a Potemkin economy, between the inexplicably buoyant stock markets; the lackadaisical shrug by precious metals in response to the economic crises besieging us; the “shadow inventory” of as many as 600,000 foreclosed houses kept off the market in order to prop up prices (to give the size of that “shadow inventory” some perspective, the NAHB forecasts 510,000 housing starts in 2009); the recent banking sector “stress test,” which by all accounts was a public relations sham; the government buying its own debt to create the illusion of a healthy market for it; and the exceedingly low interest rates in response to unprecedented borrowing and spending. It all just looks so contrived.

As their personal fortunes decline, people around the world are beginning to wise up and see more clearly the truth of what is being done to them: the unprecedented theft of public and retirement funds by private bankers; the unrelenting push for global governance, a euphemism for global enslavement; the deliberate destruction of our food supply and the poisoning of our air and water.

This awakening among the masses probably explains why tensions in Pakistan and the Middle East are being stoked and why the swine/avian/beta-engineered flu, or whatever it is, has been hyped beyond all sanity, to frighten the momentarily audacious citizenry back into a submissive mindset.

Meanwhile, the ministry of truth, formerly known as the mainstream media, tells us the economy may have bottomed out. I believe nothing could be further from the truth and that behind the facade of contrived wellness, things are deteriorating as we speak, the myriad clues pointing to a climax sometime this fall.

I picture the powers-that-be struggling heroically to juggle the economy thus, while simultaneously trying to eek out profits for themselves and their cronies. I believe they can only continue this routine for so long before they drop one of the balls they are juggling, followed by the rest of them.

I think they know they cannot continue this charade indefinitely. I think they are simply trying to profit as long as possible, and then when they can no longer profit, they’ll switch to Plan B, which involves a new crisis (a flu pandemic this fall, for instance, once they perfect the virus and legislative policies after the current beta test), a new war (in Pakistan, for instance), or even martial law to control the unruly masses demanding retribution and force feed them deadly vaccines, for their own good, of course.

The saddest thing of all is that the scare tactics and fear mongering work. The people submissively crawl back into their comfort shells and wait to be “saved” by the very powers responsible for our problems, content in the meantime to be entertained by the boob tube and fed by the factory food assembly line. How can they not see?

The End