Life Under A Criminal Cabal

November 10, 2010 – I won’t mince words: the entire world is being run by people who can only be described as über criminals.

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

It’s maddening and frustrating to live in a world run by über criminals, people who make Idi Amin look jocular and kindhearted, people who legitimize their criminality with purchased laws, while having the gall to criminalize our innocent behavior! Rather than make me want to curl up into a submissive ball, this world turned upside down makes me angry, enrages me, actually. I hope and pray that there are at least a few others out there who feel as I do.

This morning I awoke on what would have been a fine, crystal clear Fall day, to this:

Sky-filling chemtrail attack

Everything other than blue sky in the above photograph is chemtrails, the aftermath of an aerial attack that began before dawn today. It seems as though in the past month they’ve been pulling out all the stops, spraying nearly every day, sometimes from before dawn until after dusk, days on which every time a “hole” opened in the chemtrail haze they rushed to plug it. I long ago concluded that whatever they’re up to is far from benevolent, in fact, it’s probably so sinister that they cannot risk divulging so much as a word about it, so they maintain a stoney silence on the matter. What makes these people, especially the glorious pilots of these aircraft, think they have the right to poison the air that millions of people breathe? Such arrogance! I don’t accept the excuse of “just following orders,” which is only legitimate for mindless, conscienceless machines. If someone gave me an order to do something unconscionable, I’d tell them what they could do with it.

On days such as this I remain sequestered inside my house, with the windows closed, which makes me feel as though I’m under house arrest, but it’s better than breathing in all that crap, which has on occasion actually emitted a discernible odor. I’m tempted to think that this spraying activity is intended to frighten people back into their homes – sort of a chemical curfew – except that I know that 90% of people are utterly oblivious to what’s going on in the sky right above their heads.

Then there’s yesterday’s blatant 10% takedown of silver, a preposterous price move at a time when the dollar is being debased like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, the precious metals market is not the only market that’s routinely manipulated. In fact, there is no market that isn’t manipulated anymore! The criminals have managed to gain control over all the market levers and manipulate them at will for their own profit, at the expense of the rest of us.

Then there are the jaw-dropping revelations and insights of the always awe-inspiring Catherine Austin Fitts (five video segments: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5). I especially love her comments in Part 4 about the recently passed “health care reform” bill being a scheme to boost corporate profits, which echo my own observations. I’ve recommended her Dillon Read & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits site before, but it’s worth recommending again.

Then there’s the scandalous saga of anthropogenic global warning, which is coming unraveled as more and more insiders – scientists – expose it as a fraud. Thankfully, in a rare victory of common sense over criminal conspiracy, Al Gore’s carbon trading exchange has bitten the dust. Does anyone still believe this Oscar and Nobel Peace Prize winner’s motives in promoting the AGW theory were purely altruistic (or that his awards were anything other than politically contrived)?

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity is, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” And yet, year after year, people continue to play the rigged game of voting, despite the fact that the polling machines are mostly electronic nowadays, produce no permanent, verifiable record, are provably corruptible and occasionally even offer voters the convenience of preselecting the candidate desired by the powers-that-be. On top of that, not satisfied with going through the ineffectual ritual of voting, the people reelect the incumbents time after time! I’m guessing that 90% of incumbents in this year of “throwing the bums out” were reelected. It’s like watching some sort of Stockholm Syndrome play out on a national scale. I’m literally shaking my head, it so boggles my mind. Of course, I cannot help but wonder how many of the incumbents were reelected not by the voters, but by the people who control the machines that count the votes, especially considering some of the loathsome creeps that got reelected this time around. As Joseph Stalin once observed:

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

Either the elections that reelected these lowlifes were manipulated or the voters are even bigger morons than I used to give them credit for being.

And how about those naked body scanners being shoved up our orifices in airports all around the country. It turns out they were aggressively promoted by the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, who evidently has a stake in a company that manufactures them; no conflict of interest there. Of course, conflict of interest has become endemic throughout government today, a phenomenon that might have been referred to as corruption not too long ago. By the way, the contracts for the purchase of these scanners were written before the ostensible justification embodied by the underwear bomber presented itself. much like the Patriot Act was written before 9/11. I have no doubt that the lewd and intrusive pat downs the “opt outs” are being subjected to in the airports are intended to steer them to the naked body scanners, to make the alternative to the scanners so unpleasant that people will beg to be scanned. Heck, someday we may have to endure a “preventive torture” session prior to boarding a plane, just to make sure we’re not hiding something. Be forewarned, all the “security” preparations being test marketed and perfected in airports today will be coming to every bus, train, subway, boat, shopping mall and place of business someday, unless we start saying “no.”

The brazenness, transparency and simplemindedness of the actions of the criminal cabal is stupefying, but I guess they’ve figured out that the public is too inattentive, stressed, ignorant, frightened or complacent to resist or even react, so they continue perpetrating their ongoing crimes even as they plot more diabolical ones.

What Can We Do?

It’s tempting to throw one’s hands up in despair and wail that there’s nothing we can do because the powers-that-be hold all the cards and are too powerful, but that’s not entirely true. For the time being we still have a powerful tool at our disposal, and it’s not the useless, diversionary voting booth, but rather, our money.

Everyone talks about “freedom,” but nobody wants to expend the effort to secure it for themselves; they want someone else to do all the heavy lifting for them. No people in history have ever acquired or maintained their freedom while sitting on their butts on the couch, glued to their favorite TV programs. All struggles for freedom have demanded vigilance and sacrifice. The nice thing about my recommendations below is that they can be followed from the comfort of one’s own home, they are completely legal and non-violent, the sacrifices are puny and actually produce benefits in the form of a reduced cost of living and improved health!

Stop Flying – Period

I used to fly all the time. I’d spend two or three months a year traveling to faraway places like Europe, a single such trip involving half a dozen or more airline flights. But I have not flown for at least five years, no longer willing to submit to what I deemed “Police State Airlines” fully five years ago, since which time the conditions for passengers have gotten much worse! Why would anyone continue to subject themselves to the indignity and inconvenience of flying? Is flying really that important? I remember when I was a kid, ordinary people seldom flew; flying was the domain of the wealthy. There’s no reason why people have to fly today when people didn’t need to fly then. We’ve simply become accustomed to the immediate gratification of all our whims, whereas people long ago understood that there were things they simply had to do without, or at least had to forgo until they had the time or had saved up the money. When I was a kid, families traveled by car or camper. My best friend’s family had a camper that fit onto the back of their pickup truck and which the five of them lived in when they traveled! That camper was festooned with decals from all the places they visited together as a family and I always thought they were so lucky to have seen so many places. When they weren’t traveling, the camper sat on its legs in the driveway.

Flying is expensive, the ticket price being only one of the costs involved. There are also parking fees at the airport, shuttle bus or taxi fees and rental car fees. Driving one’s own vehicle replaces all these fees, including the airline ticket cost, with the costs of gasoline, accommodations and food, which the traveler has more control over.

Driving is less stressful and more flexible. One need not worry about getting to the airport on time or making their connecting flight. I love driving long distances because I can conjure up new routes to take, see interesting sights along the way and even stop for an indefinite amount of time if I choose. One can be whimsical while traveling by car and the trip itself can be part of the vacation or adventure. What’s more, for more than one person, traveling by car is more cost effective than traveling by air; for one person the costs are about the same, but driving is still more pleasant.

And what is one’s dignity worth? I would never, I repeat, never submit to exposing myself the way people do in airports today. I don’t know, maybe people are so desperate for attention today that humiliating attention is better than none at all. I also have serious concerns about the safety of those scanners. Naturally, the “authorities” have assured us that the radiation is “harmless,” but some experts are now reporting that the radiation levels are far higher than originally claimed. Remember when the authorities assured us that the scanners could not store images? That turned out to be a lie.

Rest assured, if enough people stop flying, the airlines will demand and probably obtain a more civil and friendly environment for travelers.

Remove All Money From Big Banks

It should be obvious to all by now that the banking sector represents the heart of the “beast,” especially the big banks, the “too big to fail” banks, or as someone has more accurately termed them, the “too big to jail” banks.

Use credit unions or local banks, and only those that are not subsidiaries or affiliates of big banks. In general, the small banks are probably fiscally sounder than the big ones anyway. It’s not a bad idea to keep a large chunk of one’s money under the mattress, so to speak, as tinfoil crazy as that sounds. After all, the banks are paying just a fraction of a percent interest on deposits, so there’s not much advantage in keeping money in the bank. And should a bank holiday be declared or should a sporadic shutdown of ATMs occur, having cash on hand will be most welcome.

Eliminate All Debt And Stop Using Credit Cards

Listen to Ms. Fitts in the videos above. She knows what she’s talking about. The banks sought to encumber people with debt beyond their ability to pay, to facilitate their acquisition of all the nation’s assets and turn people into virtual slaves.

Debt – and cherubic babies – are what salivating bankers feed on. Deprive them of interest and their entire business model is destroyed.

Credit cards reward the banks and penalize the merchants with every purchase, even before any interest is accrued. Using cash instead of credit cards deprives the banks of that revenue stream and leaves more money in the pocket of the merchant. People will insist that credit cards are used solely for convenience and that they are paid off each month. Convenient to do what, I ask? Spend money? Is that really a good thing? Whenever I want to buy something expensive I first have to make a trip to the bank to withdraw the money in cash. The inconvenience of having to make such a trip, plus the tangible feel of a wad of cash, as opposed to that of a thin plastic card, makes me think twice before buying something. While credit cards are obviously aimed at satisfying our lust for instantaneous gratification, the fundamental premise of credit cards is flawed. If people don’t have the cash today to purchase something, what makes them believe they will have that sum tomorrow, plus the interest? What frequently happens is that people spend today, with every intention of paying the bill tomorrow, but tomorrow brings unexpected expenses that cause a deferral of paying off the previously incurred debt, and through this mechanism people end up perpetually in debt, which I doubt is unbeknownst to credit card issuers.

Credit cards are also a useful surveillance tool for the government. In fact, it has been rumored that the provision in the “health care reform” legislation requiring businesses to submit 1099 forms for all purchases exceeding a total of $600 per year might be waived if the purchases are made with credit or debit cards. That rumor, plus the fact that the 1099 provision is aimed at collecting taxes from people under-reporting their income – the 1099 forms are a surveillance tool that will betray peoples’ actual income – reinforces what I already knew, which is that the government has long monitored all credit card transactions.

Shun Large Corporations

I realize that it’s getting more and more difficult to avoid patronizing large corporations, which is not an accident, but a plan of the corporations! Everywhere one looks, corporations are getting legislation passed that gives them a competitive advantage over small businesses, which is slowly, but surely driving small businesses out of business. Nevertheless, to the extent possible, try to buy from local, mom and pop merchants and restaurants. We have the power to reverse the trend and restore the preeminence of small businesses.

Stop Paying For Television

The reasons to watch less television are numerous to begin with, so why pay for it? If one must watch television, rely on free broadcast television, which is digital today and offers a picture quality as good as cable or satellite. And did I mention it’s free? You know, I remember when cable television came out. The promise was that one would pay for it, but there would be no commercials. Briefly, at first, that promise was honored, but where is the benefit today? Two dozen shopping channels; ten foreign language channels; ten religious channels; a dozen sports channels (how about going out and playing sports instead of watching it?); poker and billiards tournaments; is it really worth paying for all that? Or do people pay for television to give their thumb a workout by continually flipping through all the channels looking for something worthwhile to watch.

On a good day I get three channels and that’s more than enough. On a bad day, once I get exasperated with moving the antenna around to get a tolerable signal, I turn the television off and go do something productive, never once regretting having been forced to stop watching television. (Actually, that very thing happened today during lunch, which enabled me to write this post.)

Stop Taking Pharmaceuticals

Although I already had some insight into the world of pharmaceutical drug testing, some insiders have recently come forth revealing that most of the studies of drug efficacy are flawed and/or fraudulent. The pharmaceutical firms themselves often ascribe no more than a couple of percentage points of advantage to their medications over placebos, which begs the question: Why take them if they offer only a negligible benefit? And how many drugs are being consumed to treat the symptoms of other drugs? The pharmaceutical firms are well aware of the side effects of their drugs, whether those side effects are disclosed or not, and I suspect that in many cases they hope to profit from treating the side effects.

I know, people will swear that the drugs they consume are lifesaving necessities, and that may be true in rare cases, but I think back once again to when I was a kid and hardly anybody took drugs. Sure, they took them to treat an acute problem, but once the problem went away they ceased taking the drugs. I can’t recall anybody who consumed drugs as part of their lifestyle, presumably for the rest of their lives.

I’m no doctor, but I suspect that many of the conditions for which people are consuming drugs can be addressed by lifestyle changes. The three cornerstones of good health in my book are: diet, exercise and rest. Exercise alone can treat a whole book full of ailments, including depression, which seems rampant in this country today.

People consume far too much junk food, which probably results in a great many unnecessary prescriptions. I understand that our stealthily declining standard of living has forced more people into the workforce and forced them to work longer hours just to stay in place, which has caused them to veer away from wholesome, home cooked meals toward convenient junk food and fast food restaurants. Sadly, the disappearance of home cooked meals has also undermined one of the bedrocks of society, the family meal.

However, if people could try to go back to cooking good, wholesome food at home instead of eating out, their health might improve significantly. And I’d be leery of following the advice of the medical establishment about what constitutes a healthful diet. One should do their own research, use common sense and think about how people used to eat half a century ago, when obesity and health problems seemed far less common.

Avoid Vaccines

Only in the last decade or so have I begun to doubt the efficacy of vaccines. Growing up as a child, vaccines were touted as the cure of all the world’s age-old, horrific diseases and I had no reason to question such claims. Knowing what I do today about the profit motives behind every aspect of medicine, however, I’ve begun to question whether vaccines are all they’re cracked up to be. Ample evidence has emerged lately that many of the dreaded diseases, the demise of which has been attributed to vaccines, were, in fact, in decline well before the vaccines for those diseases were invented! In addition, diseases for which no vaccines were created show the same patterns of decline. It’s probable that the primary factors responsible for the decline of these diseases are simply better nutrition and sanitation. After all, the body is marvelously well equipped to deal with most diseases, provided its immune system isn’t compromised by something such as malnutrition.

Aside from the profit motives of the corporations pushing vaccines, I have no doubt whatsoever that the sinister elites of the world have seized upon vaccines as the most expedient vector through which to harm or exterminate the population. In just the last few years we’ve seen vaccines contaminated with “live” strains of other viruses, which seems like a most unlikely accident; and we’ve seen vaccines that supposedly contain sterilization agents, neither of which is surprising since population reduction seems to be a primary goal of the elites.

Install A Fluoride Filter

If you are on a public water supply, install a fluoride filter on your water line. They can be purchased for as little as $150 and can fit under the sink. The justification for polluting our water supply with fluoride is that it helps prevent tooth decay. Aside from emerging evidence to the contrary, if such an approach to public health were so great, aren’t there lots of more serious problems that could be addressed by polluting the water? For instance, cancer is a preeminent problem today. Why not put chemotherapy drugs in the water as a prophylaxis for cancer? Why not put antidepressants in the water to cure ubiquitous depression? Why not put anti-obesity drugs in the water? There are numerous health problems far more pressing than tooth decay that could be addressed in this manner, but aren’t. Perhaps the tooth decay remedy being touted is a specious cover for something more sinister, such as rendering the population docile and disinclined to rebel against its overlord, as is happening in fluoride-free France.

Grow Your Own Food

First of all, goodness only knows what they’re putting into the food today or how they’re tinkering with its genetics. Growing your own food from heirloom seeds will give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re eating. Beyond issues of food safety, however, anyone who’s ever eaten field-ripened produce can attest to its deliciousness. In many cases, the fresh food is so different from, so superior to store-bought food that it’s hard to believe it’s the same food! The other day my old neighbor gave me several pocketfuls of his home-grown tomatoes and they are so good they don’t need anything, not even salt. In fact, it almost seems criminal to eat them any way except plain because combining them with anything else dilutes their delicious taste.

Growing your own food also gives you a measure of independence from the factory-corporate food machine, which is especially important if that complex production and distribution machine breaks down, for example, because of financial collapse. You will also be protecting yourself from the many chemicals the factory food machine applies to the food: fertilizers, pesticides, sulfur, wax and god knows what else. I’ve even heard talk of injecting vaccines into food as a means of vaccinating the unwilling guinea pigs among us.

If you purchase heirloom (non-hybrid) seeds, you can harvest the seeds from your crops and plant them the next year, something the most evil of companies are working hard to prevent.

Homeschool Your Children

If I had children, I would absolutely homeschool them. I would do whatever it takes to ensure that I or my wife could stay at home and raise and educate the children. Schools have evolved into mass brainwashing factories that teach little other than obeisance to the state. Some schools actually look like prisons, what with their barbed wire fencing, metal detectors at all entrances and “zero tolerance” policies toward everything, which gives one the sense that the schools are simply training children for a future life in America’s prison-industrial gulag, one of the few areas of the economy that’s thriving.

If you want to supervise the raising of your children and have them grow up able to think for themselves, you must homeschool them. If you want them to grow up uneducated and brainwashed by the state, servile to its needs, then continue sending them to public school.

Many schools demand that students be vaccinated, so if you’re opposed to vaccination, that’s all the more reason to homeschool your children. Homeschooling need not be the burden of a single parent, as several parents can collaborate to collectively educate their children, strengthening neighborhood ties. Homeschooling need not be a financial burden either. If one considers the cost of day care, commuting, maintaining two automobiles, eating out and a higher income tax bracket, common expenses for two-earner households, the actual loss of income from one person staying at home may not be all that significant and may be more than outweighed by the advantages of raising and educating one’s own children.

Homeschooling need not be limited to the curriculum taught in the public schools, either. Imagine, for instance, a homeschool curriculum that includes learning to tend a garden and grow one’s own food. In that way, education can be derived from productive tasks.

Be Self-Employed At Home

Let’s face it, barring some sort of miracle, all those jobs we’ve exported over the last four decades aren’t coming back. Even Mr. Obama has acknowledged that high unemployment may be “a new normal.” Eventually people are going to have to take matters into their own hands and create their own jobs, which fortunately, is exactly what this country needs to revitalize itself anyway. In order to restore genuine prosperity to this nation, we’ve got to go back to producing things again, but not in large scale factories like we used to. What we need is to go back to small scale, widespread production, a craftsmanship sort of model, which is ideally suited for implementing at home. The products of our labors at home are ideal for trading with other local producers.

As someone who’s been self-employed at home for over two decades, I can attest that I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love being able to eat home cooked meals while working, as well as being in control of my time and my integrity. Being self-employed is empowering. It gives one a sense of worth that’s difficult to obtain working for a soulless corporation. If one has children, what better way to supervise them than while working at home? Plus, giving them on the job training can be part of their homeschooling curriculum.

The main challenge for people flirting with self-employment is to think up something they’d enjoy doing, and it doesn’t have to be something elaborate either. Just doing something, anything will beget new ideas, and if one enjoys and is passionate about what they’re doing, material success will probably follow without much difficulty.

Reduce Your Tax Burden

Since the government is every bit a part of the fascist beast as the banks and corporations, it deserves no special breaks. There are at least three ways you can legally reduce your tax burden, thus helping to starve the beast of what it needs the most, which is money.

Buying less – only what you need – will save you money and reduce sales tax revenue. Living in a cheaper house will probably reduce your heating, cooling and maintenance costs, as well as your property taxes. And finally, earning less, which happens to mesh well with the other two above, will reduce your income taxes. Although government is deathly afraid of deflation because it’s deep in debt and deflation is anathema to a debt-based economy, “deflating” one’s own existence is actually a great stress reducer. Honestly, I live on next to nothing and I’ve never been happier. I used to live a lifestyle that required me to gross about $6,000 per month, each and every month just to pay all my bills (including my taxes), and let me tell you, it was a very stressful time for me. Now I can live on that amount for a year!

And For God’s Sake, Stop Voting

When I see people going to the polls, I see people bashing their heads against the wall, hoping that somehow, if they just keep bashing away, things will improve. In our “two party” system, in which the two parties are really two sides of the same coin, it doesn’t matter who is elected. Did anyone perceive a difference between the Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations? When Clinton was in office, I used to joke that he was the best Republican president we ever had. Was there any difference between the Republican or Democratic congresses? The same policies have progressed regardless of which “party” has been in power. Any genuine third party candidate is quickly relegated to the political fringe (just look at Ron Paul). Once in office, all politicians had better answer to their campaign donors if they want to be reelected, and those campaign financiers are the same people year after year. I mean, do people really think their vote matters?

If people really want to make a statement with their vote, then don’t vote. If fewer than 10% of the eligible voters turned out, would that not send a resounding statement that the people no longer consider the politicians or the elections to be legitimate?

And how can people vote anyway when there is so little confidence that their vote will not be overridden by a preordained outcome, with no way whatsoever to verify the integrity of the election? The system we have for conducting elections today is utterly insane. If people cannot see that the election process is totally rigged, then they are blind; if they can see it, but continue to play the rigged game anyway, then they are masochists.

If you insist on voting, then do so with your money. Give your money to organizations that will work year-round on your behalf. Regardless of who is elected to an office, your chosen organization will pressure that politician to effect the organization’s agenda. In practical terms, it’s like getting to vote every single day, but without all the effort on your part. Money so spent can put us individuals on a more equal footing with well-funded corporate lobbying groups.


If this post seems radical, that’s because it is radical! I intended for it to sound radical and shocking. If anything, I think the post is too restrained. If there was ever an appropriate time to be radical, it’s now, when we need radical changes. Perpetuating the same practices that have brought us to the brink of systemic crisis cannot possibly solve the problems we face. It’s time for people to start thinking outside the box and most importantly, to start thinking for themselves. Oh, and growing a pair wouldn’t hurt either.

Update – 11 November 2010

I just ran across two video links that pertain to this post. The first features judge Andrew Napolitano discussing the naked body scanners and asking the same question I asked above, which is, is air travel worth the indignity one must suffer?

The second is a hilarious parody of sleazy, psychopathic political candidates that’s actually not that far off the mark. There are actually two videos at this link, the first being the parody by Clint Webb, and the second being a genuine advertisement by a guy named Dale Peterson, running for office in Alabama, an advertisement which I happen to love! I actually watched it twice. I love this guy! I hope he got elected.

Update – 12 November 2010

Another article related to this post, this time by the heroic Sibel Edmonds: The Not So Gradual Degradation Of A Nation. Perhaps we ought to thank the TSA for finally waking people up to the criminal tyranny under which we live today.

Update – 18 November 2010

Here’s an essay, titled Standing Up to the TSA, that echoes one of my recommendations above. Written by the tireless and passionate Becky Akers, one paragraph from her essay succinctly expresses the point I was trying to make above:

Are you still flying? Why? For your own protection and that of your children, for liberty's sake, stay on the ground until Congress abolishes the TSA. No destination on earth or convenience in reaching it, no vacation, Thanksgiving dinner, meeting or sales trip, is worth the degradation the TSA is dishing out.

I wholeheartedly agree with her sentiments. I just wonder how most Americans feel. Do they care enough about their liberty and dignity to make a principled stand? Or, as Alan Watt once observed, are they too far gone?

Update – 23 November 2010

This quote, from a recent piece by Chris Hedges, titled Power and the Tiny Acts of Rebellion, is so appropriate and eloquent I just had to link it here:

It is time to think of resistance in a new way, something that is no longer carried out to reform a system but as an end in itself. African-Americans understood this during the long night of slavery. German opposition leaders understood it under the Nazis. Dissidents in the former Soviet Union knew this during the nightmare of communism. Resistance in these closed systems was local and often solitary. It was done with the understanding that evil must always be defied.

Evidently, Chris and I are in agreement that the system is broken beyond repair, so attempting to fix it from within, by voting, for instance. is a futile endeavor. It’s time to turn our backs on the system, shun it, de-legitimize it and hope that it dies under its own weight.

The End