Land of the Pod People

July 31, 2009 – Sometimes I feel like one of the few remaining uninfected people in a land overtaken by pod people.

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

The other day I overhead a detailed recitation by some parents to their children of the “official” 9/11 narrative. It was like witnessing an age-old fable being handed down from one generation to the next. I listened silently as it was somberly explained in rich detail how the passengers of the one plane that “crashed” prematurely had heroically sabotaged the plans of the hijackers. When one child astutely asked how the people on the plane knew all that was happening elsewhere, the parents deftly explained that as well, attributing the omniscience of the passengers to cell phone conversations with people on the ground, never wondering if cell phone conversations would even be feasible from an airplane, let alone whether the passengers could have gleaned sufficient and accurate information from such brief and confused conversations to have made the momentous decision to immolate themselves.

No question was raised about the minimal quantity of debris on the ground from that “crashed” airplane, nor the absence of a satisfactory impact crater in the ground, both of which suggest the plane was actually shot down in midair, a fact that would completely demolish the official narrative of what happened aboard that flight.

And although the parents described the impact into the Pentagon, once again no question was raised about the lack of sufficient debris to indicate that a large aircraft had crashed into the building. Nor did anyone wonder how an amateur pilot of a small, single engine plane could navigate a huge, ponderous jet airplane in a sharp, 270 degree turn around the Pentagon and then fly it close enough to the ground to clip off lampposts before slamming it into the side of the building.

Nor did any questions arise about how three steel-framed skyscrapers could perform the unprecedented and unrepeated feat of collapsing into a nice neat pile, all due to fire. Nor were any questions raised about all the records pertaining to financial wrongdoing that were conveniently destroyed in the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, one day after the Defense Secretary admitted in front of cameras that $2.3 trillion dollars had gone missing.

It was as if the fable tellers had swallowed the entire “official” narrative, hook, line and sinker.

Yesterday I needed to buy some groceries for a family dinner. I went to my usual small stores first, but still needed a couple of more esoteric items, so I reluctantly went to a nearby major grocery store. From the moment I walked into the place I felt uncomfortable. Aside from the chic, dimly-lit, bar-like ambiance and decorator-designed interior, the more disturbing aspect was the people in the place. Shoppers blithely walked around with an unnerving, perpetually ebullient, Stepford-like demeanor, happily stuffing items costing double or triple what they should cost into their carts. For instance, avocados in this avocado-growing region were being sold for $2.49 each, when they ought to be selling for less than a dollar, and do elsewhere.

Then there was the staff. The checkout clerk finally took time out of her conversation with a customer to notice my exasperated expression at the line that was not moving. Instead of making an effort to move the line forward, she simply directed me with an eerie cheerfulness to the automated checkout machine before resuming her conversation with the customer. Quipping, “You’re talking yourself out of a job,” I picked up my basket of two items and went to the automated machine, bewildered at her apparent eagerness to undermine her own future welfare. Were I in her position, I would never usher people to my robotic replacement.

I hear repeatedly on the mainstream media how the “recession” is over. Hooray! Sales of everything are down; corporate income is falling; personal income is falling; tax revenue is falling; houses and commercial buildings are being boarded up; real unemployment is in the neighborhood of 20%; the stock market is showing signs of being in a wishful thinking bubble again; the U.S. dollar is on the precipice of collapse; industry is still fleeing this country at a torrid pace; the government is doing everything it can (e.g. “Health Care Reform”) to undermine any prospect for a “recovery.” These cheerleaders must be seeing a tiny bounce in a single data point and declaring the “recession” to be over. I take a broader view. On the other hand, witnessing people the other day spending money at Legoland as if it were board game money, maybe they are buying all this “ding, dong, the recession is over” spin. I myself would never have paid even the half price for admission I did pay were it not for the supplications of my eight year old nephew. Who can resist such an appeal? But the still outrageous, half price sum of $32.50 I spent to get in was small change compared to the hundreds of dollars spent by some of the families visiting the park for a single day’s amusement.

Despite the crippling cost, Legoland does have some worthwhile charms, such as these detailed and accurate models of cities made entirely of Legos

Imagine my astonishment today at being characterized as insane in this video produced by the very same mainstream media that promotes the fantasy that the “recession” is over. The above video succinctly underscores the chasm that separates me and others like me from the pod people. Instead of debating the facts, these pod people simply dismiss us free thinkers as lunatics for not embracing the official story lines.

Does anyone think anymore? Are people in denial, as if pretending that all is normal will make it so? Have drugs, legal and illegal, processed food, materialism, consumerism, crappy entertainment and a gutted “educational system,” all promoted by a fascist duopoly of corporations and government finally succeeded in creating nation of brain-dead sheep? I have little doubt – and considerable fear for myself – that these pod people will happily and dutifully extend their arms when ordered to submit to the government’s coming mandatory flu vaccination program.

As Oscar Wilde put it, “A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.”

Update – 2 August 2009

I ran across this quotation that seems so appropriate for this post.

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false. – William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981) [Source]

Most of the people I interact with on a daily basis have a world view that’s 180 degrees opposite my own. Either they are wrong, or I am. Obviously, I think I’m right.

Update – 4 August 2009

This magazine cover succinctly summarizes the concerted opinion of the mainstream media. I hope the pod people aren’t buying it, but I suspect that if the MSM continues to browbeat them with this drivel the pod people will succumb to it and do something stupid, like borrow more money in order to “consume” something they don’t need, such as their next “clunker” automobile.

In all fairness, the cover does include a fine-print caveat which reads, “Good luck surviving the recovery,” but the primary message is “The recession is over!” I wonder how they’ll spin this absurdity a couple of years from now. Perhaps they’ll attribute the error of their wishful optimism to a “double-dip recession,” which, of course, nobody saw coming. For more honest insight on today’s economy, read this article.

The End