February 14, 2008 – People are acting more and more uncivil, angry, depraved, irrational and erratic. What’s driving it?

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

I’m sensing these days that the world, and especially the United States, has become utterly depraved. It’s as if we collectively understand that something is seriously wrong with the world we live in, but haven’t a clue what to do about it. So everybody is reacting, or more precisely, lashing out against whatever or whoever is handy.

In just the last few days I’ve observed the following:

In addition, we see a presidential front runner, McCain, salivating over the prospect of more war, including bombing Iran. And he’s the leading Republican candidate! We see another front runner, Hillary, openly threatening to garnish our wages if we refuse to enrich her corporate pals by buying their health insurance, as if lack of health insurance is the problem with our health care system. Hello?! The problem with our health care system is that it’s a for-profit, business monopoly, protected by the government. Hillary’s proposal is just going to entrench and amplify the problems with the present system. And she’s arguably the leading Democratic candidate! The other potential Democratic candidate, Obama, advocates what will effectively be a world tax, ostensibly to help the poor, administered by the U.N. Oh yeah, that’s going to work out well. The corrupt United Nations getting its hands on billions of dollars of extra revenue, which will come directly our of our paychecks.

The people who work for the government – in law enforcement, the military, political offices, and even the courts – see themselves as separate from the “civilians.” They see themselves as superior and are utterly contemptuous of the civilians who they supposedly “serve” and whose labor pays their salaries. The people in government are stridently seeking total control over the lives of the populace. They seek to build a complete biometric record of every human being on the planet and use that data to control our travel, work, finances, and even our eating habits. And these people think this intrusive endeavor is not only reasonable, but somehow beneficial to our society!

Meanwhile, while some big businesses are reporting record profits, others are reporting record losses, and still others are brazenly begging the government for a handout, which the government seems heartily amenable to.

One smells desperation and fear everywhere, but especially among those in power.

The End