Critical Mass of Evil

March 9, 2015 – The cycle of human history is approaching its most evil nadir.

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

Cyclical Evil

Several credible theories, such as The Fourth Turning and Kondratiev Waves point to the cyclical nature of human history. Generally, such cycles oscillate between phases of noble behavior and abject evil. Perhaps the reason the most credible cycle theories have a periodicity approximating the human life span is that humans refuse to learn from the past, preferring to relearn the same lessons, and it simply takes a human lifespan for all the people who lived through the mistakes of the past to die off, taking their hard earned wisdom to the grave with them. At present, we are in the “evil” phase of our lifelong historical cycle.

A brief synopsis of recent observations suffices to describe just what is meant by “evil”:

We are living in a time in which evil has attained a critical mass, not merely in the U.S. but throughout most of the “western” world, which includes vassal countries such as Japan. The attainment of a critical mass means that evil is running rampant in every facet of our lives and spreading like a malignant cancer. Every institution – government, corporations, banking, health care, education, even religion – is grossly infected and metastasizing. The only thing “normal” people can do at this point is get the hell out of the way and let the disease burn itself out, which won’t happen until after the disease gets a whole lot worse.

The cause of this disease is the same as always, which is unrestrained psychopaths running the show, driven mad with greed and lust for power, abetted by ignorance, intellectual laziness and apathy among the masses. The masses foolishly believe that voting is the extent of their civic responsibility, but as many have pointed out, if voting changed anything it would be illegal. Voting today is for dummies, nothing but a diversionary side show. First of all, the very integrity of elections today is highly dubious, with dead people voting, illegal aliens voting, vote totals exceeding 100% of the eligible voters, electronic voting machines that flip votes, can be hacked and don’t generate a hard-copy record. Even if the results of the elections could be trusted, regardless of the outcome of every election the same entities lurk in the shadows, controlling the politicians and the agenda.


If people genuinely want to effect “change” then they must “be the change.” They need to stop feeding the beast, which means they need to stop giving it their money; they must stop paying interest to banks; destroy all their credit cards; stop paying taxes to government; stop paying money to corporations for stupid things like TV “programming” (is not the word programming a synonym for brainwashing?); stop utilizing the “health” care system and consuming pharmaceutical drugs, which have little efficacy anyway and do more harm than good; stop sucking on the government teat; stop consuming unnecessary things; save their money (but not in the banks that have already made clear that they will steal the money when necessary); live within their means; take responsibility for their lives and cease blaming others for their problems; quit allowing themselves to be frightened by every government-invented bogeyman and government-run false flag attack; stop voting and if they still feel the need to “participate” in the political process, give money to lobbying organizations; quit being such obese cows and get some bloody exercise (which will also eliminate depression, which so many are attempting to treat with harmful medications that turn them into emotionless zombies); get their damned cell phone out of their ear (it’s probably causing brain cancer anyway) and find something constructive to do instead of pecking away on their damned cell phone keyboard; divorce themselves from “social media,” which is nothing but a surveillance platform; refuse to serve on a jury, which legitimizes the corrupt “justice” system; home school their children.

I could go on and on, but in essence what I’m saying is that if people really want change then they need to withdraw from the corrupt system constructed by their rulers and create a new system of their own, even if it’s limited to their individual household. If enough people followed this advice, the old, corrupt system would expire more rapidly under its own weight. Of course, what I recommend above superficially involves sacrifice, although over the long term such actions will be recognized as beneficial, as well as a modest amount of effort, and I believe today’s Americans are simply too comfortable and lazy to undertake these changes. If walking into a FEMA camp and relinquishing all their human rights were easier than anything else, then that’s what most of today’s Americans would do.


The pervasive evil is unstoppable at the moment, like an accelerating runaway train, but it’s sowing the seeds of its own destruction, as if the train were speeding toward a broken trestle spanning a deep gorge. Nature doesn’t like imbalanced systems and that’s precisely what evil is creating today. Eventually, once all the wealth has been stripped from the masses and stuffed into the already overflowing pockets of the elites, the masses won’t have anything left to lose by revolting. Long before revolution, though, the imbalances created will destroy the very fountain of wealth of the elites, such as what we’re witnessing right now with the death of so many retail stores. In other words, by destroying the middle class, the elites are destroying their own goose that once laid golden eggs. Once everything lies in a smoldering heap of ruins, what’s left of humanity, as it has done countless times before, will pick up the pieces, begin rebuilding and a period of renewal and vitality will ensue, that is, until the inevitable next critical mass of evil develops.

The End