Can We Please Have Our Own Coup Now?

December 10, 2010 – A tongue-in-cheek supplication for the United States military to seize control of this nation and restore the government outlined by the United States Constitution.

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

This country is clearly broken, probably beyond all possibility of repairing itself gracefully. Criminals have assumed control of every branch and department of government and allied themselves with equally vile criminals who have assumed control over all aspects of the private sector, a perfected example of Mussolini’s definition of fascism. These criminals are now boldly passing laws legitimizing their criminality, while simultaneously passing laws criminalizing our innocent behaviors in brazen affront to reason, justice and nature. Virtually all acts of “terrorism” are staged by these criminals to justify their oppressive agenda, meaning the true terrorists are those in power! (Consider just the two most recent “terrorist” plots, both aided and abetted, if not instigated, by the government itself.)

“Going out with style” – tag line for a nation? (source)

The people are too drugged out, apathetic, ignorant, lazy and physically unfit to rebel, even if the action required of them is as tepid as withdrawing their money from a bank or ceasing to do business with a corporation, or even if it’s merely to “vote the bums out,” for in spite of the peoples’ feigned disapproval of their “representatives,” they keep reelecting the cretins more than 90% of the time. And can anyone picture – without bursting out laughing – Americans (such as the ones pictured above and below) taking such dramatic steps as striking or rioting against the injustices heaped upon them, as people are doing in other countries? Clearly, the people are ill-equipped to effect any sort of remedy to repair this nation; this job requires professionals.

“Bad ass” – revolutionary material? (source)

The military has its own incentives, however, to take control of the nation. For years the government has been offering enticing inducements to soldiers to sign up, but then doing everything possible to shun its obligations. Now veterans are even being urged to purchase their own health insurance to pay for injuries they suffer in the government’s wars! (I suppose it’s not all that different from prisons in America charging prisoners for their room and board, which certainly helps make the prison system more profitable and gives the private corporations that operate the prisons every incentive to purchase more laws from supine politicians that criminalize additional innocent behaviors, all to generate more “guests” for their gray bar hotels.)

In addition, whereas the politicians and upper echelons of the military all have their noses deep up Israel’s orifices, the lower echelons of military do not. Most people in the military still believe in such quaint concepts as defending the nation and its constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic (or both at once in the case of dual citizens). A recent video titled “U.S. military knows Israel did 9/11” reveals that military people, when introduced to some of the facts surrounding 9/11, overwhelmingly express anger about what has been done to this nation by its traitors.

... they look at the film and without exception they come back and they say, ‘They [Israel] did it, didn’t they?’ And I say, ‘Yep, they did it.’

The video observes that people cannot be loyal to two nations. However, many of our politicians and bureaucrats are dual citizens of the United States and Israel, which begs the question: To which country are such dual nationals loyal? More importantly, which country’s interests will be served by these dual nationals?

What has been lost in this country as a consequence of the curious events of 9/11 has not escaped the notice of some members of the military, such as this fellow, whose return to America elicited this comment:

Can someone please tell me What the F**K happened to OUR country while we were gone?

We have a usurper in the White House who is obviously a tool of the elite forces seeking to destroy this country; the nation’s military is supposed to protect it from such acts of sabotage. Our political process has been completely bought and paid for by corporations who have only their interests at heart, and to hell with those of the country and its people.

With so many intractable problems and virtually no political will to change anything, for the people controlling the show are liking things just fine, it appears that the only way anything will change is if there’s a complete economic, political and societal collapse, which I have long argued. Perhaps, however, a less chaotic, less destructive option is a military coup aimed at restoring the Constitution and reigning in the federal government’s overbearing excesses. In the interest of self-preservation alone, the military ought to be thinking about how to make this nation sustainable, because the course it’s on right now is clearly not. If things continue on their present course, utter collapse will ensue, probably followed by dictatorship and then possibly by an eventual disintegration of the nation into multiple smaller nations.

Naturally, there’s a risk that, once in power, the military might not want to leave. However, would that be any worse a system than the present one? Change always involves the risk of failure, but is that a reason to freeze up and not attempt to change anything? If we sit idly by, hoping for change, we’re going to be sitting and hoping for a long, long time.

Some coups in history seem to have turned out well. While I’m no expert on Chilean history, it seems that country is doing pretty well today, a few decades after its military coup. I certainly don’t condone Pinochet’s horrifying conduct, but I think Allende’s radical plans for the country were not much better and I doubt that Chile would be doing as well as it is today had Allende’s policies remained in effect. In other words, the coup that overthrew Allende was eventually fruitful. Perhaps it could be so here as well.

The End