Are We A Totalitarian Dictatorship Yet?

July 7, 2009 – The answer is emphatically YES!

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

I’m sort of on vacation at the moment, which ought to be a time for discarding one’s cares and relaxing. Yet things are happening around us at a frightening pace and weighing heavily on my mind, even high up in the mountains.

What I’m seeing is a seemingly organized, determined push by the powers-that-be to tighten the noose around all our necks. And I’m not talking about some date in the future. I’m talking about right now! Today!

Control Over Our Movements

The TSA already controls our movements via airplanes, whether our destination is an international or domestic one. There is a general trend toward implementing the same sort of controls used in air travel in other forms of travel, including trains, ships and buses.

Consider, too, that our ability to travel by private automobile (or motorcycle) is, and has long been tightly controlled by the government. But that control over automobile transit is about to become even more oppressive with the Real ID Act, slyly reincarnated as the PASS ID Act. This act will turn driver’s licenses into national ID cards and give the government and its myriad “terrorist” databases a say over who can drive a car.

Recently, too, it has become necessary to present a passport to cross the borders with Mexico and Canada, after many decades of being able to cross those borders relatively freely. Oddly enough, there seems to be little enforcement against Mexicans crossing into the U.S.; only of American citizens leaving the U.S.

Our movements are constantly monitored, by various means. Anyone who travels by air surely has database records created in their name recording their every movement by air. All those fast-pass devices people use to expedite crossing bridges and utilizing carpool lanes also generate database records of peoples’ movements. Cell phones can apparently be used to track people. And, of course, there is increasing pressure to use RFID chips to tag pets and people, and supposedly these chips can assist in tracking peoples’ movements. Then there are the automobile license plate cameras which are being employed in some places, notably New York City, which also create database records of peoples’ movements.

Control Over Our Food and Water

There is a bill pending in Congress to give the federal government control over all the water in the United States, states’ rights and property rights be damned. Judging from its wording, this bill would even give the federal government control over private drinking water wells and ponds.

Then there are two draconian bills pending in Congress related to controlling our food supply, in addition to the already implemented National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

Control Over Our Health

There is an effort underway to move everybody’s medical records into computerized databases, accessible nationally. In all likelihood, the primary impetus for this effort is not patient care, but surveillance, for it gives the government and its corporate partners a peep hole into the intimate details of one’s health.

In order to control peoples’ health, there is a simultaneous effort underway to establish a national health care system. However, the proposed approach – forcing everyone to purchase health insurance – does nothing to address the root cause of the health care problem, which is high health care costs. What mandatory insurance does is generate profits for the government’s fascist business partners in the health care sector. What this proposed new system also does is give government control over peoples’ access to health care, which meshes neatly with the proposed surveillance system mentioned above.

Going forward, the government will be able to see every medical procedure a person has had, how much they’ve paid, whether they are voluntarily paying a stipend to the health insurance industry or they are recalcitrantly submitting to the government’s penalty for not buying such insurance, and decide what sort of care to mete out to the patient.

I also happen to think one of the reasons the government wants to establish this nationwide database of medical records is to be able to easily survey the entire populace in the event of some sort of health crisis, such as a “swine flu” pandemic, and observe the health reaction to the government’s mandatory vaccine regime.

That’s another aspect of this national health care push: to establish a framework in which to administer mandatory vaccines to the populace, regardless of whether those vaccines are effective, safe or even necessary. Why? To produce profits for the pharmaceutical firms that manufacture vaccines. And also to induce illness in healthy people – and I really do believe that’s one of the objectives behind mandatory vaccinations. How ironic that the same government that prohibits us from taking certain drugs will end up forcing us to take other drugs.

Control Over Our Money

For a long time the government has spied on our purchasing habits. The explosive growth in the use of credit cards has greatly simplified this surveillance. But in addition to simply spying on our spending habits, the government also determines whether we can even open a bank account. When one attempts to open a bank account today, the clerk setting up the new account has to check with the government for permission. This check is done online and right in front of the customer, who is probably unaware that it’s being done. And even after one has obtained permission to set up a bank account, the government can easily freeze the funds in it or even withdraw money from the account!

The government, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, controls the value of the money itself. Even if one is a frugal saver, the value of their money is under the control of the government.

Should the economic problems grow so severe that the government cannot cope with them any longer, as a last resort it can easily impose capital controls to prevent the movement of money in or out of the country.

Finally, it’s routine today for government to simply confiscate money from people whom it deems have “too much” money on their person or even in their own home. It is simply presumed that the money is ill-gotten (such as through dealing drugs) and confiscated.

Control Over Our Communications

Many forms of communications, especially telephone, e-mail and even postal mail, are routinely spied on by the government. How is it that all these uppity politicians are “taken down” at opportune times when they become too much of a threat to the government? Isn’t it possible that politicians are frequent targets of the surveillance people, precisely to accumulate “dirt” on them for later use? And what about the rest of us? It has recently been admitted that the “illegal” NSA surveillance of telephone calls and e-mails was much more widespread than previously admitted, even encompassing purely domestic communications. Well, duh! Did anyone ever believe that they confined their activities only to communications between “terrorists”? One of the problems with government, one that naive people cannot seem to wrap their brains around, is that if government has toys and laws, it uses them, legally or otherwise. Government does not create laws and toys and then fail to make use of them.

The Internet, the most free and egalitarian communication system ever devised, has been under increasingly frequent assault, both from the government and from its corporate partners. It’s only a matter of time before the Internet becomes heavily controlled on a daily basis, but should an acute need arise to shut it down entirely, it can easily be done. In fact, another law giving the president the legal authority – the technical means already exists – to do just that is also pending.

Similarly, if need be, the entire cell phone network can be shut down with the flick of a switch, which is also under government control. Ditto for the land line telephone system. The government also controls the television and radio broadcasting systems, primarily through regulatory agencies such as the FCC, and can shut down those systems instantly if it desires to.

Interestingly, the FCC recently published a statement asserting its right to inspect anyone’s radio equipment, including the radio devices we use every day, such as wireless networking in our homes, cell phones, garage door openers, even automobile remote door locks. Anything pertaining to radio transmission is under the purview of the FCC, according to it. Personally, I think this is a thinly veiled end run around the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. One reason I say this is that firefighters are also being trained to be the eyes and ears of the DHS, another quasi-violation of the Fourth Amendment, especially in cases where firemen insist on inspecting a home or business to ensure it’s up to code.

Control Over Our Houses

As if all the above weren’t enough, now the government is proposing to take even more control over our very houses. The climate bill being digested by Congress would apparently give the government control over whether people can even sell their house. If their house doesn’t measure up to the government’s energy efficiency standard, then it cannot be sold until it’s brought into compliance. Frankly, I think this provision violates the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution.

Of course, the government won’t stop there. Government power works on the principle of incremental advancement, sometimes called mission creep. Once the government establishes the precedent of deciding whether one’s house is energy efficient when it’s being sold, it will expand that control over the house while it’s being occupied. In other words, we’ll have to submit to annual inspections of our homes and comply with the government’s demands to make improvements. But why stop there? Why not an annual environmental impact audit by the government? Too many old cars on your property? They gotta go. Too many animals? Too much hardscape? Too much grass? You get the idea.

I believe this home energy efficiency inspection is secretly intended to benefit the housing industry. There are many, many old houses that cannot possibly be brought into compliance cost effectively. (I used to own one that was over a hundred years old.) Since they cannot be sold, they will simply be torn down, decreasing the supply of houses and driving more people to the home builders to buy a new house, which will undoubtedly pass the inspection, at least until the buyer attempts to sell it. Then a whole slew of new appliances will have to be purchased to bring it into compliance. How fortunate for the appliance industry.

If this sounds overly cynical, consider that we don’t have “free” markets anymore, if we ever did. Every single market in this country is either dominated by monopoly interests or manipulated by them or the government, as if there is much distinction between the two anymore. We have contrived markets in this country, contrived to encourage consumption, the lifeblood of our economy. (Where is the “free” in a health care system that forces people to buy health insurance? That’s neither a free market nor a free political system.)

And not to forget the elephant in the room, the government is now the owner of roughly half the houses in the country that have a mortgage. Since Fannie and Freddie own about half the mortgages in the country, and since the government now effectively owns Fannie and Freddie, the government in effect owns half the houses in the country with a mortgage.

Control Over Our Thoughts

One more disgusting bill moving through Congress’ digestive tract is the odious hate (thought) crimes bill, which lays the foundation for increasing control over our very thoughts. Of course, since Americans are the most heavily medicated, fluoridated, and fast food intoxicated people on the planet, it could be argued that they are already under a form of pharmacological thought control. And don’t overlook the abysmal public school system, which despite spending more money per pupil than any other school system on earth, still manages to produce some of the most ignorant students on earth. Needless to say, people cannot think properly can hardly lay claim to controlling their thoughts.

It’s no wonder that the government keeps releasing report after report describing the people who constitute a terrorist threat, or as the government has taken to calling such people, an “extremist.” Anyone who thinks for their self is a grave threat to any tyrannical government. Don’t believe me? Will you believe the consummate tyrant, Joseph Stalin, who said,

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.

Control Over Our Guns

The last resort for people wishing to resist government tyranny is armed rebellion. That is the very reason for the existence of the Second Amendment of the Constitution, and why the government is so intent on taking away all our guns. At first it will target only “assault rifles,” but over time – remember, mission creep – the list of banned guns will be steadily expanded until all guns are on the list. Right now there are half a dozen initiatives aimed at controlling our access to guns. The writing is clearly on the wall. Knife control is next and already begun.


Every single aspect of being alive as a sentient being is under the control of the government. Today! Right now! We are living under an increasingly oppressive, tyrannical, totalitarian dictatorship, right now!

As I see it we have three choices right now: 1) leave the country for one less tyrannical; 2) revolt against the government; or 3) curl up in a ball and submit to the government’s will.

I suppose a case could be made that there’s a fourth option: that the economic collapse heading toward us – we’re in its incipient stages right now – will be so disruptive that the government’s best laid plans will not be enforceable. Time will tell.

The End