About That Oil “Spill” In The Gulf

May 21, 2010 – I smell something fishy.

By The Cerebral Aesthetic Vagabond

Is it just me, or is there something fishy about that oil “spill” in the Gulf of Mexico? Whenever the umbrella of secrecy is clamped over something I get suspicious. One doesn’t have to over think things to wonder what “they” are trying to hide.

Apparently, some federal agencies – the ones most directly under the control of the “president” – are trying to keep a lid on what’s happening with that spill, while other agencies with slightly more autonomy are frustrated. I suppose the discord within the government itself is symptomatic of our disintegrating “civilization.” Discord seems to be erupting everywhere one looks.

Nevertheless, geographic proximity aside, I can’t help but sense parallels between this catastrophe and hurricane Katrina. In the former disaster I always had the sense that the powers-that-be were not merely incompetent, the age-old excuse wielded by bad governments everywhere, but were deliberately trying to make the situation worse, as bad as possible without causing irreversible devastation to the region. The federal government stood in the way of relief efforts; some argued that levees were deliberately blown up, an assertion that does not strike me as preposterous; guns were confiscated; people were arrested for “trespassing” on their own property; innocent people were murdered by the government; people were incarcerated en masse in the Superdome. It struck me as some sort of Orwellian exercise for a future world in which such measures would become routine.

Now we are faced with a far larger, more damaging and longer lasting catastrophe in the Gulf oil spill, which should never have happened. Apparently, every rule in the book was broken by the parties responsible and yet, the government turned a blind eye. Even now, weeks after the catastrophe erupted, the government and its oil company partner-in-fascism seem to be doing everything they can to stymie speedy solutions, as if they are trying to make the disaster larger. Superficially, one might assume that the oil company is simply trying to maximize profits by reclaiming as much of the leaking oil as possible; and that the government is simply trying to save face, yet again.

However, could there be sinister intentions behind this disaster? Again, I “sense” similarities in the handling of the two disasters by the “authorities.” If Katrina was an exercise along the road to totalitarian dictatorship, is the Gulf oil spill another? I’ve read rumors of plans to evacuate millions from the Gulf region, supposedly “for their own good,” a favorite excuse by governments wishing to impose tyrannical measures on citizens. “Millions” would be a couple of orders of magnitude above the “tens of thousands” manhandled by the government in the Katrina disaster, and consistent with the government’s approach of ever more grandiose impositions on the population.

After all, look at the sequence of recent false flag attacks that have taken place in this country: Ruby Ridge (a couple of people died); Waco (tens of people died); Oklahoma City (hundreds died); 9/11 (thousands died). Presumably, the next false flag attack will result in the death of tens of thousands of citizens. By the way, the first time I had the sense of deja vu was one day, perhaps in 2003 or 2004 when all of a sudden it struck me that the mysterious circumstances leading up to and following the happenings in Oklahoma City and 9/11 were eerily similar. From that point on I became increasingly convinced that our own government was deeply involved in both incidents. I’m getting that same sense of deja vu with respect to Katrina and the Gulf oil spill.

Another concern I have about that oil spill is that it could be far graver than people now realize. What would be the planetary impact of killing all life in the Gulf of Mexico and perhaps beyond? I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound too good. For the record, I have also reluctantly come to believe that the powers-that-be do have an agenda of massive depopulation of the planet, if for no other reason than to make its resources last longer for their own benefit. After all, if the world’s remaining cheap oil will run out within 20 years at the present human population, it would last 200 years if the population were reduced by 90%. I never expected that a depopulation agenda would employ a single technique; some might succumb to wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, South America); some to depleted uranium (Iraq, Palestine); some to vaccines and chemicals (U.S., Europe, Australia); some to starvation (Africa, Asia); and so on. I think the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico contributes to one or more of those dastardly methods of depopulating the planet. Notice too, that all the methods mentioned above are “incidental” consequences of other “noble” goals, affording the PTB plausible deniability: “Who knew that would happen?”

Meanwhile, before people start starving to death and suffering the effects of chemical poisoning resulting from the oil spill, the government can practice and perfect some of its totalitarian techniques on the population around the Gulf.

And if nothing else, the oil spill diverts attention from the draconian legislation being shoved through Congress’ bowels. If people thought the “health care reform” bill was bad, they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Isn’t it interesting that we expend so much effort searching for and if need be, fabricating enigmatic “terrorists,” when the corporate-government fascist plutocracy poses a far graver threat to our health and “security,” exemplified by this oil spill, which should never have happened.

Truly, our only hope at this point is that things collapse so rapidly that the government won’t have the means to enforce its draconian agenda.

The End